Androphilia sold out its first run of 3,000 copies in a little over two years. By 2009, copies of the first printing were regularly selling for $30 to $50 on eBay. While demand continued and men passed the book from one to another, the original publisher had a backlog of printing projects and was unable to fund a reprint.

In October 2012 I was finally able to get Androphilia back into print under my DISSONANT HUM label, and the new expanded edition is available through, Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers. Interested booksellers can order it through Ingram. In Portland, Androphilia is also in stock at the notorious indy bookstore, CounterMedia (right beside the new Sizzle Pie downtown).

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ISBN-10: 0985452315
ISBN-13: 978-0985452315

ASIN: B00A2WKJ1Q (Kindle)

The new edition contains the original 2007 Introduction and Bibliography as well as the main Androphilia essay and Agreements Between Men, an essay on same-sex marriage.

The expanded 2012 print edition also includes:

  • New 2012 Introduction
  • 2010 Afterword, titled “The Last Thing Homosexual Men Need More Of Is Each Other.” This discusses some of my experiences that followed Androphilia‘s initial 2007 publication.
  • Archived Essay “Why I Treat Straight Men Like Married Women.” (Published online 2008)
  • Archived Interview “Andro In The Army” (Published online 2009)
  • Archived Essay “The Homosexual Question: Why Same-Sex Marriage is Still Wrong, But Repealing DADT is Right.” (Published first by Alternative Right.)

The opening pages of the book also include some of the initial press reactions and selected letters from readers.