Whatever, I do what I want.I recently wrote an article for The Spearhead which showed that the Portland SlutWalk was being run by three lesbian exhibitionists and sponsored by qpdx–as well as a strap-on company. If anyone writing for a serious newspaper or media outlet decides to give these girls the attention they want, they need to know who these people are and what this march really is–instead of  buying whatever the marchers are trying to sell. Average women are not joining these women to protest. These are professional lesbian activists and exhibitionists, and the links I’ve provided have proved that.

Perry Eising, a German-born queer activist, has understandably taken issue with my presentation of the facts in this matter. She typed a response for qpdx, and her editor “Alley” characterized my writing as “histrionic.”

I believe Eising’s essay stands on its own, and encourage you to read it.

Eising ended her essay with a series of questions that weren’t really questions at all, claiming that I “owed” her something because I commented publicly on her public event:

When was the last time you did something loving, compassionate, supportive, that benefited all humans? All genders? All gender expressions? That came from a deep sense of connection between all of us? That aimed to unite, rather than divide? That aimed to validate all of us as equal instead of creating further divisions in society? That brought healing into the world, instead of anger? That wasn’t sitting in a comfy chair, safe and protected by your many-layered privilege, writing a book, writing a blog post? Are you alive? Do you have a heart? Answer me. Answer us.

The first “question” here seems to be “when was the last time you did something in line with my own ideological values?”

My answer, of course, is that I don’t share her MTV values, and the reasons why are explained in my writing, at considerable length.

The second part of the question implies that I am hiding at home, protected from harm by “privilege” and the status quo, while Eising and the SlutWalkers are bold and courageous.

The SlutWalk is being held in Portland’s clean and sun-dappled “park blocks.” It is a permitted event, and the SlutWalkers can expect police protection. The permitting costs and expenses were covered in part by qpdx. Portland has a gay mayor, and its 2011 gay pride parade was sponsored by Alaska Airlines and Nike, a publicly-traded corporation with global interests.  Portland was one of the first cities to have a female chief of police. Apparently, “On April 1, 1908, the Bureau became the first in the United States to hire a female police officer, Lola Baldwin, who became the Superintendent of its newly established Women’s Protective Division.” The Portland Police have a WomenStrength program, as well as a GirlStrength program devoted to, among other things, “empowering girls to be strong and confident.” (The author was unable to find any comparable programs for men or boys on the official Portland Police web site.) Portland State University and PCC both have Women’s Resource Centers and Women’s Studies programs. In her response itself, Perry Eising managed to brag that she is getting a full-ride at prestigious Reed College. According to its web site, 56% of students enrolled in undergraduate programs at Reed in 2010 were female, and 60% of students enrolled in graduate programs were female.

I write the occasional essay on my days off from a regular job doing manual labor.

Who is privileged?

Who is the status quo?

Who has nothing to fear from the establishment, and everything to fear from a challenge to it?

I hope you’ve enjoyed walking around downtown Portland on this fine, sunny day. I, too, was provocatively dressed. I took off my shirt when I ran home from the gym. And doing that was about as challenging to the status quo in Portland as your little lesbian parade. It was a non-event. My commentary on SlutWalk is merely another installment in my ongoing criticism of feminist hypocrisy, magical thinking and outright mendacity which, as a whole, has meaningful consequences for all mankind.

With the various beer drinking events all over town today, I’m sure some sluts proper flashed some boob. I’m almost certain it happened somewhere on the Clackamas River–it pretty much happens there every weekend. Some scantily clad girl showed a bunch of guys her tits because she was hoping to get fucked that night, because she wanted the attention, and I’ll bet it worked.  I’ll bet she got fucked hard.

Somewhere outside of your insular community of privileged women and gays–angry for show, acting out a rebellious narrative contradicted by the institutionalization of your collective values–there is an average girl showing  a little t & a, trying to attract a guy’s attention, “presenting” (as primatologists might say), and the guy and the girl will engage in a little dance between the sexes in the way others have since the beginning of time.