New Shooter’s Podcast 

One of my most popular essays, Violence is Golden, was read this week on the New Shooter’s Podcast – “For new shooters on learning about shooting, guns and gun culture.”

#9-Defensive Rifle & Shotgun Training With John Farnam  

Sounds like it should be worth a listen. Glad to get my work out there and read by self-defense and firearms enthusiasts.

Sundays with Safran

If you want to hear me half in the bag — like a boss — arguing with an Australian Jew, an Anglican priest and a young, naive representative of Sydney Gay Mardi Gras, you can download the most recent episode of Sundays with Safran. It’s some kind of weekly Australian radio show on an ABC affiliate network. They called me on Thanksgiving to talk about blood-brotherhood, Androphilia, and how I am pushing my ideals  (specifically: acting like men, not prancing “poofters”) on other blokes.

This week: David Marr, author, broadcaster, journo extraordinaire talks about censorship what makes Australians panic. Pria Viswalingham, doco writer, director and presenter talks about, ‘Decadence: Decline of the Western World’. Jack Donovan, author of ‘Blood Brotherhood’ talks about alternative rites for gay men other than weddings. Daniel Mudie Cunningham, creator of the Juxebox Installation at MONA talks about funeral songs for Religious Song of the Week.

+ download mp3 (30.6 MB)


I’ve started posting at FKIN, my pal Max’s blog. I like the rhythm and feel of Max’s work, and he’s honored me with the responsibility of posting his war dispatches from the Middle East.

Obviously, he won’t be able to be specific about certain things for security reasons, but I am looking forward to his sketches and thoughts about fighting in Afghanistan as an infantry officer. I think his stuff is going to be worth reading; it’s not every day you have someone so articulate sending notes from battle. His first two dispatches, basically travel logs, are now posted.

I may make some posts of my own on his blog  if I get a wild hair up my ass.

At the moment, I’m working on a piece for The Spearhead that I like, and after taking a month off I’ve returned to editing and rewriting my book on masculinity.