Brett Stevens. “The Way of Men by Jack Donovan.” Amerika. March 26, 2012.


“What is most convincing about the prose however is that for writing that could appear in a mainstream magazine, The Way of Men is forceful and direct in a way that modern people would consider feral. It is not apologetic, or evasive. It is not indirect or passive. Like a boxer, it walks right to its objective and begins the pummeling. It is not a tantrum, or a rant, or any of the other artifacts of the democratization of language. It is Jack London-style writing, words applied with intent and unrelenting pressure, yet with an inner soul and attention to detail. Nothing is unnecessary. This alone lifts it from the cloud of frustrated impotence that is most writing about masculinity and manliness.”

Jeff Costello. “Jack Donovan’s The Way of Men.” Counter-Currents. March 26, 2012. 


“Jack Donovan’s The Way of Men is the best book on masculinity I’ve ever read. Why? Because Donovan isn’t out to re-define masculinity; he’s out to recover what is timelessly true about it. The trouble with the “social construction” theory of “gender” is that it flies in the face of thousands of years of human experience, as well as all the science on sex differences that’s been done for the better part of a century.”

Chris Duffin. “The Way of Men by Jack Donovan.” Kabukiwarrior.com. March 26, 2012.


“This book is a terrific read and significantly thought provoking, despite it making me reach the conclusion that an impending zombie apocalypse might just be the best future for men.”


Brett Stevens. “Interview with Jack Donovan.” Amerika. March 30, 2012.