Jack Donovan | The Way of Men: Masculinity Explained
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The Way of Men: Masculinity Explained

The Way of Men - Get the e-bookThe Way of Men answers the question: “What is Masculinity?”

The so-called “experts” give the answers that suit their masters. They tell just-so stories to protect their ideology, their religion, their way of life.  They look to women for a nod of approval before speaking. They give socially acceptable answers and half-truths.

If what they have to say resonates with men, it is only because they manage to hint at the real answer.

The real answer is that The Way of Men is The Way of The Gang.

Manliness — being good at being a man — isn’t about impressing women. That’s a side effect of manliness.

Manliness isn’t about being a good man. There are plenty of bad guys — real jerks –who are manlier than you are, and you know it.

Manliness is about demonstrating to other men that you have what it takes to survive tough times.

Manliness is about our primal nature. It’s about what men have always needed from each other if they wanted to win struggles against nature, and against other men.

The Way of Men describes the four tactical virtues of the survival gang.

The Way of Men explains what men want, and why they are rapidly disengaging from our child-proofed modern world.

The Way of Men examines the alternatives, and sketches a path out of our “bonobo masturbation society” through a new Dark Age.

Read a Sample Chapter online at the Good Men Project

“On Being a Good Man”

The Way of Men explains

  • Where our most basic ideas about masculinity come from
  • What we have in common with chimpanzees
  • The meaning and the purpose of the four “tactical virtues” that define masculinity
  • The difference between being a good man and being good at being a man
  • The difference between female-oriented societies and male-oriented societies
  • The age-old conflict between manliness and civilization
  • The current conflict between manliness, feminism and globalism
  • ..and a lot more.

If you’re interested in understanding men and manliness, but always thought the other books out there seemed too preachy, too new-agey or feminized, this is the no-holds-barred book about manliness you’ve been looking for.

Also in Paperback; 978-0985452308 List Price: $14.00 Buy now on Amazon.com

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Stores that stock The Way of Men

The Way of Men at Duffy's Gun Room near Baltimore, MD - Photo by Kevin I. Slaughter


The Way of Men was not marketed to chain stores, but you can find it in stock at a few small, independent bookstores.

Duffy’s Gun Room Spark, MD 

Countermedia – Portland, OR

Powell’s City of Books – Portland, OR

Apop Records – St. Louis, MO

If you’d like to carry The Way of Men in your bookstore, it is distributed through Ingram. I will also cut a wholesale price to anyone who orders 5 or more books from me directly. Contact me for more info. 

More Reviews

Here are some links to reviews of The Way of Men online.

“…this book is an excellent exploration of masculinity, and I think Donovan gets everything exactly right. This is simply the best book on masculinity I have read.” – The Free Northerner


The Way of Men is not a self-help book. Reading it won’t put muscle on your bones, add zeroes to your bankroll or get women to suck your dick. It’s far more valuable and important than any of those kinds of books, because it teaches you in plain, compelling, even-handed prose, what it is to be a man. It teaches something that is fundamental to every man in America, something that your parents, teachers or coaches never taught you.” – Matt Forney


The Way of Men holds the fucking line. – All Else is Halation


“Why are anarchists trying to turn the world into a giant hospital with everyone as everyone else’s nurse? It is in Donovan’s natural framework of accepted manliness and tactical gang virtue that illustrates where lay the real power of the anarchist’s appeal — in his masculinity. The anarchic gangsters and outlaws of the Old West may not have been “good men,” but in the words of Charles Portis, they had ‘true grit.'” – R.J. Jacobs, Attack the System

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