After seeing a bunch of guys re-posting photos from a Yahoo piece about the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®, I thought the event deserved some commentary. I was not surprised to find that the event was the brainchild of a beta bonobo like feminist, postmodern therapist, and life coach Frank Baird.

Originally posted at InMalaFide; reposted here for posterity pending that site’s closure.

On April 18th, young men put on high heels and wobbled awkwardly around Plaza De Cesar Chavez in San Jose, California. They did it for Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® —a pre-packaged SWPL staged fundraiser/protest concept developed and marketed by feminist, postmodern therapist, and life coach Frank Baird.

If you’ve ever been subtly coerced by an enthusiastic coach, co-worker, or employer to participate in an officially non-mandatory event “for a good cause,” then you can guess how a lot of those poor bastards found themselves giggling and blushing in stilettos. Declining the invitation implies an accusation that’s difficult to deflect:

“What, do you support raping women??!”

You might as well refuse to give your boss a buck to help kids with cancer.

So, assuming you’re not afflicted with a Quasimodo’s sexual ressentiment, assuming you’re not a desperate omega hoping for female approval or a loon-eyed feminist ascetic—assuming you’re a fairly normal guy—maybe you decide to make light of it, pick out your heels, get your “good guy badge,” and get the whole thing over with as soon as possible.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® is an absurd and deceitful racket that raises money to pay the salaries of professional feminists, social workers and women’s studies majors who work in “chronically underfunded” women’s’ services organizations, many of which already receive your extorted tax dollars.

You can purchase a license to hold your own Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® event for only $125, but you are encouraged to provide official Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® heels,Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® t-shirts, and Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® banners for yourhapless stooges eager and committed participants.  

We live in a casual Friday country. Very few women are actually required to wear anything approaching a high heel in everyday life. Nurses and clerks wear sneakers. Businesswomen are free to wear flats. I’ve worked in offices—in the financial industry, no less—where half of the staff wore flip-flops year round.

Women today don’t wear high heels as a matter of social convention. When a woman puts on a pair of heels higher than two inches, she isn’t doing it because she has to, and she’s certainly not doing it because high heels are functional or comfortable. When a woman today puts on high heels, she’s doing it to attract attention—either the attention of other women, or the attention of men.

Most women put on heels for other women. Average men probably don’t know the difference between $20 Payless heels and $900 Manolo Blahniks. Women do. Fashion is a status game that women play with each other. Correct or “inspired” choices conjure high pitched squeals of social validation.

That’s probably why some insincere or oblivious women seem to be confused about why men like to see women in heels. It doesn’t matter what brand the heels are or why people started wearing heels in the first place. It’s not just about seeing women be vulnerable, dependent, and submissive (but sexually aware)—though that isprobably part of it.

Men’s monkey brains read high heels as a reproductive display. Heels elevate the female genitalia and suggest a rear mount. It’s what primatologists call “presenting.”

That puts a different spin on the parade, doesn’t it?

It’s not just about men walking in women’s shoes. Women wear sneakers and boots and flats.

The theater is in men awkwardly “presenting” like training wheel hookers. It’s about coercing men to make female reproductive displays.

The up-front pitch at Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® doesn’t seem so bad, but the official walk signs frame a familiar taunt.


So, any man who does not want to walk a mile in women’s shoes to demonize men and push distorted feminist propaganda about sexual violence is somehow not man enough to Walk a Mile in Her Shoes?®

This is the double bind of feminism for men.

For men, feminism is a game of “gay chicken.”

At every step along the way from holding a handbag to surgical penile inversion, the feminist calls a man “insecure” and dares him to emasculate himself. First, it’s just something innocent like buying tampons or letting some girl paint your toenails. Then it’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.®

The man who refuses to be emasculated is emasculated for refusing to be emasculated.

There’s no end to it. There’s no “enough.” If you allow feminists to goad you into emasculating yourself for their cause and entertainment, they can always play the same card. And they do. Again and again.

Not comfortable in a gay bar? Maybe you’re unsure of your own sexuality.

Don’t want women playing your sport? Maybe you’re afraid to get beaten by a girl.

Don’t want to wear women’s clothing in public? Maybe you aren’t man enough.

Masculinity is not a game of gay chicken.

The object is not to outdo the other guy in unmanliness.

If you follow that line of reasoning, the manliest man in the world is R.W. “Bob” Connell, the Australian “masculinities” expert who finally decided to become a woman. He was SO comfortable with his masculinity that he wasn’t afraid to wear heels or dresses. He wasn’t afraid to call himself a feminist. He wasn’t afraid to change his name to a girl’s name. He wasn’t afraid to call himself a woman. Dude was THAT comfortable with his masculinity.

(Bob is so comfortable with his manhood that she’s the guy the UN calls when they have a question about manhood. Back down, Chuck Norris.)

Make no mistake; the men who play this game on behalf of women believe they are one-upping you. They think they are more “evolved” than you are. They think they are better than you. They believe that they are more comfortable with their masculinity than you are with yours…because they “aren’t afraid” to walk through the streets in red high heels.

They should be afraid. They should be ashamed.

Being ashamed of unmanliness in the sight of other men is the basis of honor.

Tottering around like a drunken trollop— “presenting” —is not.