The Way of Men has been out in paperback for a month or so now. It’s doing well, but I’ve heard from a few guys that they didn’t know the hardcopies were available.

You can order paperback copies of The Way of Men through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but you can also order them through your local bookstore by special order, or through the IndieBound service.

Paperback; 978-0985452308 List Price: $14.00 

Shop Indie Bookstores

I’ve also found it on abebooks.

Independent Bookstores

The Way of Men is currently being stocked at APOP Records and Books in Saint Louis, MO.

Google Books

I’ve been working on getting the e-book posted to Google Books, but for some reason they are slow. It’s been “processing” for 2 weeks.

International Sales

The printing company I use has on-demand printers in the UK and Australia, so prices should theoretically be lower than they were initially because the books aren’t coming from the US.

Where to buy The Way of Men in the UK


Where to buy The Way of Men in Australia



This is what I found in a few quick searches. If you’ve bought it from any other stores in the UK or Australia, contact me, and I’ll add some more links.

Wholesale Orders

If you have a bookstore or would like to order a batch of books (someone mentioned passing these out at a martial arts club, for instance), you can order the book through Ingram or you can contact me directly. I can get you a pretty good price if you’re ordering 4 or more copies.


I’ve been working on some interviews and I have a few more copies out there for review.

We’ve almost set a date for a reading at Counter Media here in Portland. It looks like the first or second week in August.