Fight Club

I recently participated in a (virtual) round table discussion about Fight Club (1999)  with Alternative Right editors Richard Spencer, Andy Nowicki and Colin Liddell. We covered a lot of ground — the enduring appeal of the film’s grunge aesthetic, the neo-primitivist philosophy of Tyler Durden, the vacuousness of modernity, Friedrich Nietzsche‘s Last Man and Fukuyama’s End of History.

Vanguard Radio: “Project Mayhem”

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Here are some notes referenced in the podcast. 

Fight Club (1999)
Andy’s Fight Club-inspired article at AltRight
Summary of Nietzsche’s concepts of “Passive” and “Active” Nihilism
David Fincher filmography
Francis Fukuyama’s End of History and the Last Man (1992)
Jack Donovan “Something Worth Doing
Mark Steyn, “In the Absence of Guns
Attack The System — Pan-secessionism from Empire