The Way of Men is The Way of The Gun
The Way of Men is The Way of The Gun

Photo submitted by Kevin I. Slaughter

The Way of Men sold its 3,000th copy sometime today.  (That’s print and digital combined.)

As an author, that makes it my highest selling book, and within the first 10-11 months, with zero mainstream media coverage.

Not too shabby — I’m blown away — but I try to remember that I live in a metro area with at least 1 million men. There are at least 5,000 guys within 20 miles of me who would “get” The Way of Men. Who need to read The Way of Men. 

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word.

Here are two more recent reviews:

Frost at Freedom 25 wrote, “It led me to a ton of great primary sources, I’ve thought about it frequently since putting it down, and it’s inspired one of my favourite new habits that I’ve built into my life since reading it.” (Read the rest here.)

Fabrizio del Wrongo  at Uncouth Reflections wrote,

“…an investigation into what it means to be a man in the primeval sense — a sort of “Beyond Thunderdome,” back-to-basics look at masculine modes and forms.”

“This kind of sharpen-the-swords, it’s-us-against-them thinking characterizes Donovan’s writing, and perhaps that’s why his work lights up the hatethink sensors of some among the blue pill set, who tend to envision burning crosses as soon as a white man even hints at an expression of self interest. But I don’t think there’s anything mean-spirited about Donovan’s intent, and in fact his personality as a writer is quite affable. This is simply how he approaches the world, and perhaps this kind of no-bullshit distinction making is itself a vital aspect of the masculine “way” he’s endorsing. After all, if you can’t make the hard decisions — if you’re incapable of separating the wheat of what’s important to you from the chaff of the poisonous and the irrelevant — then what kind of man are you?”

(Read the rest, here.)