The Centurion Method

If you’re like me, you often think to yourself, “I want to be prepared for the physical rigors of the post-apocalyptic world, but why am I doing these pull-ups in sight of a Zumba class? I should be outside lifting logs in the snow half naked, while making invocations to Crom and Thor.”

A couple of weeks ago, I came across the tumblr for The Centurion Method, and I couldn’t stop scrolling down. If Manowar designed a fitness program, it would be like The Centurion Method. Frazetta paintings, pelt-wearing spearwives, workouts in Roman ruins, and thoughtful posts with titles like, “The Cult of Tradition in the Realm of Physical Perfection.”

I was especially impressed with Paul, “Pitmaster at :Ulfheim:, located in the Appalachian bio-region of what is currently known as “the United States of America.”  One of his blogs is named “Wheel of Pain,” no doubt after the sequence (and Basil Poledouris composition of the same name) from Conan the Barbarian. Here is a guy who is out with his crew, working out and building forts in the woods, doing rituals, skinning deer. Sounds like a good time. If you liked The Way of Men and you’re looking to start your own gang, take a cue from these guys.

I contacted the author and Grandmaster of the Pit, Craig Fraser, and we exchanged books. All I was expecting was some kind of “Dungeon Master’s Guide To Fitness.” I would have been happy with that, because it’s always good to have some fun cross training workouts handy with more evocative names than “Grace” or “Fran.” (“Khazad Dum,” a combination of sledgehammer swings and burpees, just sounds 100 times more badass.) As a fitness nerd myself, I have no doubt that doing workouts from The Centurion Method will improve your strength and conditioning. What really impressed me was the philosophical context Fraser puts everything into. The Centurion Method is as much manifesto as fitness manual. He loops in evolutionary psychology and a barbaric view of humanity. Frankly, I didn’t find much at all to disagree with.

Working out the Centurion way sounds like a hell of a lot of fun.

Fraser’s books (including The Centurion Method) are available here.

You can read more about The Centurion Method here.

The Centurion Method‘s new Official Site (and forum) can be found here. 

(Some queefing “anti-fascist” cried about the tumblr page.)

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