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Fly tattoo flashCounter-Currents just published a piece I wrote on women in combat.

Women in Combat: “Why Not?”

While it is true that very few men will be directly affected by this move, placing women in combat is a major win for feminism’s psychological war. Without getting too corny, it will literally invade the dreams of men and boys across the nation. Feminist narratives will likely be obligatory even in video war games.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the developers working on these shooters incorporated it as a story point in their games,” said game designer and “Sex in Video Games” author Brenda Romero. “It could make for an amazing narrative: ‘It’s her first role in combat and she’s determined to make a difference!’ Who wouldn’t want to pursue something like that and have a bad-(expletive) female soldier in a game?”

– The Oakland Press

Combat soldiering has conspicuously been the last “real life” redoubt for primal masculinity and the way of men for decades. Now, it will be overrun with women and their wagging fingers, and their political correctness — both in real life, and in the fantasies of men and boys everywhere. Every war game and war movie set in the present or the future will include female soldiers as part of its narrative. The only “realistic” remaining fantasies of men fighting without women will be set in the past, or in some Robert E. Howard-like alternate universe. Any dreams of men fighting with other men will have to be set outside of or against American civilization. As I wrote at the end of the essay, “If bands of brothers are outlawed, then only outlaws will have bands of brothers.”

Another point I wanted to bring up is how this will be used to manufacture false data and propaganda. The State will want to boast of its successful implementation of this plan, to garner further praise for the bureaucrats, careerists and politicians involved. (The political enemies who oppose this will quickly be cowed, as they were in the recent election, by hysterical claims of a “war on women.”) So, in all likelihood, the State will downplay dissent within military ranks, and allow media access only to soldiers willing to praise the decision to allow women in combat, and to praise their female counterparts unequivocally. Any man who goes “off-message” will be disciplined. Further, the go-girl story is the one progressive journalists will want to hear and print. So, we will be bombarded with success stories of women in combat. These will be reproduced and cited liberally as “persuasive” anecdotes in sociological works and books about feminism, masculinity and combat.

These carefully edited and controlled reports of successful female soldiering will be used as negative counter examples in every debate about human nature, differences between the sexes, and evolutionary psychology. The fact that female chimpanzees occasionally accompany male chimpanzees on hunts and raids doesn’t change our understanding of the nature of chimpanzees, but we’ll be told that a handful of women squatting to shit alongside men and shooting at Afghans should make us question everything we think we know about men and women and human nature. I’m sure a few gals will do just fine, but when some don’t, we’ll all be told manipulated “truths” that will be accepted and parroted as “facts” until more information is revealed years after the fact. We’ve been here before, why not again?