After reading The Way of Men, some guys write me to ask “what next?”

If you’re watching the collapse of their future and the masturbatory well-behaved-slave lifestyle it offers non-elite men…if you’re hoping for a return to The Way of The Gang and the tactical virtues…then it makes sense to learn how to fight.

As the State hollows out and can no longer afford or inspire honest police, you’ll need to be able to defend yourself, and attack others if necessary. You’ll need to master the skills that will be needed by men on the perimeter.

Gangs and the big gangs we call governments don’t fight with swords or spears or arrows anymore.

They fight with GUNS.

While The Way of Men has been read and recommended by many present and former members of the military and law enforcement community, other readers may have absolutely no experience with the primary weapons of our age. If you weren’t raised with guns — I wasn’t — I know that guns can be a little intimidating. (They’re supposed to be, right?) As a gun noob myself, I’ve wondered, “I know I need to learn about this stuff, but where do I even start?”

Now, I think I can pass along an answer to guys who are looking for an entry point into the wide world of guns.

A few months ago, I was contacted by Silent Bob and Strategist Jack from the blog Warriors & Capitalists. Their whole crew has read The Way of Men, and Strategist Jack reviewed it here.

He wrote:

“These are tumultuous times and as a man who was good at being a man said many years ago… timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty, and as your reviewer concluded when he finished the book – “Good men” got us into the fix we’re in today… it’s going to take men who are “good at being men” to get us out it.  The Way of Men joins my “must-read” bookshelf which includes Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, Michael Porter’s Competitive Advantage, Bill Lind’s Maneuver Warfare, my collection of Patrick O’Brian and CS Forrester novels, and my John Boyd monographs. The Way of Men is now a required read for anybody joining our gang.”

Bob and Jack aren’t just bloggers, they are serious firearms instructors and 2nd Amendment advocates. They run Pulse Firearms Training in the Chicago area, and they’ve come up with a structured system for learning basic (and advanced) firearms skills. More than that, they’ve been studying the psychology of fighting (and killing, if necessary) for years. Ron (who goes by Silent Bob online) is a former Marine, with 25 years of experience training thousands of civilians, soldiers, sailors, Marines, and law enforcement officers. He’s got some cred, and he knows what he’s talking (and writing) about. Mike (Strategist Jack) has spent much of his career as a consultant, teaching business owners to apply combat-based “maneuver theory” to business operations.

After reviewing The Way of Men, the Pulse Firearms guys offered me a tour of their online basic training  course for new gun owners – The Pulse O2DA Armory. It’s a great resource that contains more than 900 pages, 45 videos and 400 photos, a detailed 5-day kickstart training plan, and a 12-month training and dry-practice regimen designed to make the Pulse O2DA Armory member fundamentally proficient with handgun, shotgun and rifle. There are recommendations on what weapons and accessories to buy (I’ve been outfitting my shotgun for a while, so I took particular note of these), as well as how to hold, load, reload and work with your weapon. There are also documents and links that dig into the theory behind their system, as well as resources to help you prepare yourself mentally for the stress of lethal force combat.

If you’re trying to figure out “what next?,” and you don’t know anything about guns, that’s what’s next.

And if you want to get started off right with firearms, The Pulse O2DA Armory is a smart and cost-effective way to do it.

When I first started looking around for information on guns, I flipped through Amazon and a dozen other sites, trying to figure out what books or videos might be good, and what would be garbage, and what was worth buying. Instead of wasting all of that time, you can sign up for the 30-Day Free Trial of the The Pulse O2DA Armory, get yourself a weapon, and try out their kick-start program.

When you try out The Pulse O2DA Armory, you also help support my work. Because the guys at pulse liked The Way of Men, I get a cut of membership dues I refer. So if you ever thought of donating to this site — sign up for the The Pulse O2DA Armory and get something useful out of the deal.

Glenn Beck has Lifelock, and it’s about time this here fight club got a sponsor, too.


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