Who are we, and who will we become as America declines? How will we define ourselves? How will we survive — not just physically, but what will we carry with us, culturally?

No matter which “we” we’re talking about — things are changing dramatically. The Zompocalypse might happen overnight, but America’s animated corpse may well lumber into the future,  slowly starving and losing pieces of itself along the way.

I’ll be presenting some of my own ideas about tribalism and the future of identity at an upcoming conference in Washington DC, scheduled for October 26, 2013.

Other speakers include Alain de Benoist, author of On Being a Pagan, survivalist Piero San Giorgio, novelist Alex Kurtagic and Tomislav Sunic, Croatian author of Homo Americanus, Postmortem Report.

If you can make it, I have no doubt that it will be a fascinating day full of new ideas presented by daring, innovative, un-PC thinkers.

It will also easily be my most formal speaking gig — I even bought a dress shirt.

To find out more about purchasing tickets to After The Fall : The Future of Identity, please visit NPI’s web site.