Hunter from Strength Beyond Strength recently posted a review of The Way of Men.

With that said, I have tried multiple times to read books by Tony Robbins and other popular self-help gurus. I could never get halfway through the demagoguery.  They’re just too gooey and preachy. I always felt like they were talking down to me.  If you feel the same way about the self-help world, then The Way of Men is a must read for you.

Read Hunter’s review here. I don’t consider The Way of Men a self-help book — but many men do find it helpful, so all the better.

Hunter is the owner and head trainer of a unique dinosaur gym in a barn in San Benito County, California.  He’s started blogging about training, and I look to forward to reading more of his posts. I liked his suggestion of trying 10 sets of 3 for a combination of strength and hypertrophy, so I incorporated it into my own lifting routine.

More news and reviews…

Roosh V- “10 Books Every Man Should Read”

Hold on tight during the second half of the book where the author clearly lays out how masculinity is being attacked and marginalized, increasingly seen as something that needs to be treated instead of exalted.

Read the rest of the post here.

Filibuster Cartoons

J.J. McCullough, who occasionally writes for The Huffington Post wrote an in-depth review of The Way of Men at his blog Filibuster Cartoons.

Jack’s critique of gender modernity unapologetically combines the darkest tropes of both right and left alike. Conservatives will doubtlessly enjoy his blistering critique of the politically correct establishment that has worked so tireless to purge every last lingering trace of “boys-will-be-boys” apologism from our schools, workplaces, and families, while lefties will savour his equally savage takedown of late-stage capitalism, a predatory economic system peddling the idea that men should be little more than “sociopathic metrosexual super-consumers.”

Read the rest of the review here.

“…Ragnar Redbeard redrafting Desmond Morris…”

Tony Sylvester, the new frontman for the Norwegian deathpunk band Turbonegro, reviewed The Way of Men for some UK print issue of vice, but neither he nor I have been able to figure out which issue and where to find it, so here are two snips of the review he sent me via Facebook:

The Way Of Men is partly a defensive rationale for man’s place in the pecking order and part polemic to ‘restart the world’, as he puts it: a call to arms where Men become the Wolverines in Millius’s Red Dawn against the invading forces of feminism.

It’s chilling in its directness and cold logic, in a similar way as its distant relative, Jim Goad’s The Redneck Manifesto, just without the laughs. Whilst it makes me glad that my life contains a certain degree of comfort and cissiness, you can bet your arse I’m gonna want a man like Jack Donovan on my team when the shit hits the fan.

Tony and his tailor are also doing interesting things with custom tailoring…

As always, Amazon…

I’ve received a lot of reviews from readers on Amazon over the past month or so. Thanks, guys. I do read every single one.

I can’t tell you how important Amazon reviews are for a writer. So, please, toss in you two cents, even if others have said similar things. More is always better — reviews from actual readers help drown out the bitchy reviews from people who obviously didn’t even read the book.

August 2013 was actually the book’s biggest month ever, and it’s almost a year and a half old. It’s a sleeper that is gaining steam, which means more men are reading it and getting the word out to their pals, brothers, co-workers, fathers and sons. That’s fucking awesome.