Start the World Podcast

Start the World PodcastIntroducing Episode #1 of my new podcast, “Start the World.”

In the coming months, I’ll be interviewing contacts of mine who have useful perspectives and information on masculinity, various forms of revolt against the modern world, survivalism, and other kinds of  “end times infotainment.”

My first guests were Mike Smock and Ron Danielowski of Pulse Firearms Training.

We had a lot to talk about, including resistance to tyranny, training young men for tough times, masculinity, the tactical virtues, gangs, the questionable viability of the US Constitution and “the future.”

The “Start the World” theme song is titled “Empire of the Iron Glove,” from the band Disiplin. I’ve always wanted to use it for this — it has a “B-movie apocalypse” feel that I really dig. The band is currently inactive, so I was psyched that I was able to track down one of the members to get permission to use it.

UPDATE: If you’re looking for STW on iTunes, it is here: