Trevor Blake - Confessions of a Failed EgoistTrevor Blake’s book Confessions of a Failed Egoist was recently published by Underworld Amusements.

A review of it in TakiMag flustered the editor at, who embarrassed himself with a hasty proclamation that “On Natural Rights, the Egoists Have Nothing.” He also went for the reductio ad Hitlerum (and Stalinum, Maoum, Pol Potum) in the first round, which everyone knows is just bad Internet.

The whole “natural rights” discussion started with Blake’s affirmative review of L.A. Rollins’ book, The Myth of Natural Rightsfound in Confessions.  

The (failed) egoist actually had plenty, as he explained in his response, titled “Tu ne cede malis.”

Miller at Mises packed his rebuttal with a bunch of quotes from the Bible, and convinced no one by comically concluding that the knowledge of the truth was “inside” him.  There’s a mom joke there somewhere.

A colleague at Mises tried to save face with a follow-up, but no one cared who didn’t already believe in the Christian God and “natural rights.”

Speaking of caring, why should you care?

Well, “natural rights” and “natural law” are part of a moral blind spot problem — a “Batman dilemma” — I often encounter in libertarians.

Many readers may consider themselves libertarians in some way or other, and I usually hate libertarians less than other political groups, because they like guns, mind their own business and want to keep people off their fucking lawns.

So listen in and hear Mr. Trevor Blake, failed egoist, ‘splain this whole “natural rights” business.

Trevor Blake will be reading from Confessions of a Failed Egoist on May 1st, at 5pm at Mother Foucault’s bookstore in Portland, OR.

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