Jack Donovan | Upcoming Speaking Engagement: The 21 Convention in Orlando
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Upcoming Speaking Engagement: The 21 Convention in Orlando

I’m pleased to announce that this fall I’ve agreed to speak at the 21 Convention in Orlando, Florida.

The conference seems to be very professionally organized, featuring 24 speakers giving 26 “red-pilled” presentations on becoming the ideal man in this less than ideal world. It’s the perfect venue for me to introduce some of the ideas that are important to me these days. In addition to covering some of the basic ideas from The Way of Men and Becoming a Barbarian, I’ll be using the Nietzschean concept of nobility to talk about moving away from a reactive, critical culture of frustration and ressentiment, and toward a personal culture of creation and “starting your own world.”

It should be a really interesting and eventful weekend, featuring major “manosphere” author Rollo Tomasi, style guru Tanner Guzi, and several successful entrepreneurs, lifestyle coaches, pickup artists and relationship advisors. Speakers and attendees will all be focused on networking with other men who want to be successful and become the best versions of themselves. I’m sure there will also be a good bit of mischief. I mean, it’s Florida, what could possibly go wrong?

This will be the first time I’ve been to that corner of the country since I went to Walt Disney World when I was 11, so if you want to come see me roll out the ideas I’m kicking around for my next book and get some serious strategies for succeeding without being a total cuck, book your seat at the conference and be sure to introduce yourself.

Prices start at $999 for the whole weekend, and will rise as the event approaches — so don’t delay — and be sure to use this link to book your spot, so they know I sent you.