Jack Donovan | STW 23 – Love Is Death In Your Veins
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STW 23 – Love Is Death In Your Veins

An interview with my bro from the Wolves of Vinland, Matthias Waggener about his new book, Love is Death in Your Veins — a transcontinental motorcycle travelogue exploring love, divorce and life on the road. We talked about the book, but also about leadership and building strong groups of men.

I’m also joined by my Brutal Company shipping guy, sparring partner and bro Afi, who didn’t end up saying too much this time but you should follow him on Instagram @afivolundr. (He used to be Cascadian Warboy, that’s an error in the podcast intro)

You can buy Love is Death in Your Veins at http://matthiaswaggener.com.

Follow Matthias on Instagram @werewolfhexologist.