Jack Donovan | The 21 Convention EUROPE: Warsaw, Poland July 18-21, 2019
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The 21 Convention EUROPE: Warsaw, Poland July 18-21, 2019

I’m psyched to announce that I will be speaking at The 21 Convention – “The World’s Ultimate Event for Men” – in Warsaw, Poland on July 18-21st, 2019. If you’re living in Europe or looking for an excuse (?) to travel to the old country, 21 Conventions are always top-notch events. The speakers are high-energy, ballsy, successful, and they have important messages and skills to share with “red-pilled” men around the world.

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A few of the men booked to speak in Poland include:

Rollo Tomassi – Author of The Rational Male

Cobra Tate – American-British 4 Time World Champion Kickboxer. Self-made millionaire. The manosphere’s KING of “toxic masculinity”.

Richard Grannon – A Master Practitioner in NLP with offer 130,000 YouTube subscribers, he is fiercely dedicated to helping people defend themselves, survive, and thrive after toxic relationships.

Jack Murphy – Writer, speaker, podcaster, and author of Democrat to Deplorable

Socrates – Professional architect, patriarch, veteran and elite ambassador speaker of 21CON, author of The Map: A Personal Guide to the Sexual Marketplace, blogger and YouTuber for Manning Up Smart.

And many more speakers, including a few who have not yet been announced. 

You can view the official trailer for the event below. While the trailer is aimed at the feminism’s absurd culture of lies, delusion, and hatred of men — I have found that these conferences are in practice unparalleled events for networking and sharing information with red-pilled men. The organizers love having fun at the expense of feminists, but they aren’t there to complain — they’re there to help men learn how to win at life.

Early bird price is $1,499, final full price is $2,499.

In addition, there will be un-filmed workshops with many of the speakers, exclusively for the benefit of attendees.

If you’re interested, get that early bird price.

Click here to learn more.