Jack Donovan | A Sky Without Eagles
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A Sky Without Eagles

“Jack Donovan writes what most men think.” – Mike Smock, Pulse Firearms

A Sky Without Eagles is the first printed collection of The Way of Men author Jack Donovan’s essays and speeches. Beginning with his viral hit, “Violence is Golden,” A Sky Without Eagles assembles Donovan’s best standalone commentary from 2010 through 2014. In his straightforward but disarmingly sincere style, Donovan channels the widespread disillusionment and frustration of men in the increasingly restrictive developed world. A Sky Without Eagles covers race realism, criticizes feminism’s degenerative influence on masculinity, and in the title speech, laments the lack of virtue and nobility in American leadership.

Donovan wrote three new essays for A Sky Without Eagles. The first, “Train For Honor,” deals with his search for meaning in strength training. “CROM!” sums up Donovan’s agnostic take on the kind of religion men need today.  This collection concludes with “The Brotherhood” — Donovan’s imagining of a better, manlier and more spiritually unified tribe of men.


Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Violence Is Golden
  • A Sky Without Eagles (Speech Transcript – NEW)
  • Anarcho-Fascism
  • Mighty White
  • Vote With Your Ass
  • The Grievance Table
  • There Is No Honor In Competition With Women
  • Mother May I? Masculinity
  • Draw The Line
  • Everyone A Harlot
  • Train For Honor (NEW)
  • The Physical Challenge (NEW)
  • Principles of Convenience
  • The Manly Barbarian
  • Becoming The New Barbarians (Speech Transcript)
  • CROM! (NEW)
  • The Brotherhood (NEW)

Available Formats

Hardcover ISBN-10: 0985452331. List Price: $35.00. Buy now on Amazon.

Paperback ISBN-13: 978-0985452346. List Price: $14.00. Buy now on Amazon.

Praise for A Sky Without Eagles

“I loved reading “Violence is Golden”. It was provocative and inspiring. I enjoyed it so much that I shared it online and was stunned by how much controversy it created. [I’m sure that those that “violently” opposed the views of Mr. Donovan, missed the irony of their anger]. Embracing violence doesn’t mean you must be violent … as a self-defense consultant, it means you must understand violence so that you can do your best to intercept it. In a real fight, when you are the target, it’s not who’s right that matters, its who’s left.”

Tony Blauer, CEO & Founder, Blauer Tactical Systems

“With this collection, Jack Donovan clearly demonstrates his deep and prescient understanding of a very particular type of man: at once revolutionary and traditional – an outsider amongst outsiders. But Donovan goes further than mere understanding, for in his use of physiological warfare against epistemological enslavement, he offers each of us an escape route from the promise of a deracinated and emasculated future.”

Mark Dyal, Ph.D., author of Ultras Contra Modernity: Romans in Revolt (Arktos, 2014).

“Jack Donovan has produced a fascinating collection of straightforward essays that leave no sacred icon of contemporary times unassailed. The contents of this book represent the nightmares of every self-assured Marxist professor, shrill feminist ideologue, or smarmy liberal journalist. Jack’s ideas are Kryptonite to the chattering classes. This is the book to hand out to baby faced university freshmen who have had the misfortune of being forced to sit through totalitarian humanist indoctrination sessions.”

Keith Preston, author of Attack the System: A New Anarchist Perspective for the 21st Century

“I first heard of Jack by way of his essay Violence is Golden. I was so impressed that I immediately contacted him to request his permission to reprint the article for our audience of warriors, and he was kind enough to oblige.

The unvarnished truth and deep insight on the subject of violence by-proxy instantly struck a chord with me (as I am sure it will with you), and I knew then that I had to dig deeper into Jacks other writings.

I am glad I did.

Jack’s no-nonsense approach to “telling it like it is” calmly, reasonably, and logically is particularly appealing to thinking warriors who wish to get a better grasp on masculinity and what it means to be good at being men… Which is something men suffering from a form of a Nationalistic Stockholm Syndrome (for a lack of better terms) certainly need in this day and age in order to break free from the psychological chains that bind them through what Larken Rose calls The Most Dangerous Superstition – A superstition which prevents men and societies from realizing their full potential – living harmoniously (not perfectly) without masters and slaves ruled by the political class via violence by-proxy enforced by the warrior class.

While you may not agree with everything Jack has to say (I don’t – however, reasonable men recognize that no man is 100% right on everything, yet know better than to throw the baby out with the bathwater), what he has to say is as timely as it is relevant, and these discussion are the types of discourse that all men need to have calmly and rationally better understand each other and get along without violence.

Sparking such discussions amongst diverse groups who often would not naturally cross pollinate on their own is something Jack is particularly gifted at, and we are all better off because of it.

If you have have aspiring young warriors under your tutelage, you could do much worse than pointing them towards Jacks writings in hopes that they will pick up better ideas on what it means to be good at being a man, rather than being “good men.”

It is my sincere hope that Jack’s compilation of some of his most popular essays (including the wildly popular Violence is Golden) and the new materials contained in A Sky Without Eagles, will inspire many more warriors to think for themselves and free their minds from the programming that all to often binds them in servitude to the political class.”

Ron Danielowski, Chief Instructor and Principle, Pulse Firearms Training

French Translation Now Available

ISBN 978-2355-120763

Éditions Le Retour aux Sources

Ce livre fait le point sur les désillusions de l’auteur vis-à-vis du “rêve américain” et sur la dissonance entre ses valeurs et ce qu’il voit autour et au-dessus de lui à notre époque…

Le mot de l’éditeur :

Dans « Un ciel sans aigles » et au travers de son style simple mais désarmement sincère, Donovan canalise la désillusion et la frustration des hommes dans un monde prétendument développé et moderne mais de plus en plus restrictif. Il critique l’influence dégénérative du féminisme sur la masculinité et, en référence au titre du livre, pointe du doigt le manque de vertu et de noblesse dans le leadership américain.

Après La voie virile (2014), voici le second livre de Jack Donovan traduit en français aux éditions Le retour aux sources…