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March 25, 2015
STW Podcasts

STW Episode #16 – Greg Walsh from Wolf Brigade

Today’s guest is Greg Walsh, founder of the Wolf Brigade gym and brand out of Rochester, NY. We talked about fitness, thought crime, entrepreneurship and publishing.

Topics covered:

  • Benefits of mace and kettlebell training
  • Greg’s background in BMX and hardcore scenes
  • Self-Publishing
  • Trolling, sincerity and hipster irony
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Thought crime and being an outsider


Wolf Brigade

War of Attrition

Wolf Brigade on Instagram

“Outlaw Wolf Fire” by Horseskull is available at Bandcamp

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STW Podcasts

STW Episode #15 – Hunter M. Yoder the Heiden Hexologist

Today’s guest is Hunter M. Yoder the Heiden Hexologist. Hunter is a Heathen folk artist who specializes in hexology and Traditional Deitsch  — that’s Pennsylvania German, or “Pennsylvania Dutch” —  Barnstars.

He’s published several books on hexology, including The Backdoor Hexologist, and several collections of interviews with other Germanic men and women doing hexwork.

Topics covered:

  • What it means to be Pennsylvania Dutch, and the relationship between Pennsylvania Dutch culture and broader Germanic traditions
  • What is a hex sign? What is a hex?
  • What is a barnstar?
  • The history of the production of hex signs in Pennsylvania
  • Hex signs and Germanic heathenry
  • Plants – Henbane, Datura, Cactus


Hunter Yoder’s Web Site – The Hex Factory

“Outlaw Wolf Fire” by Horseskull is available at Bandcamp

Books Mentioned:

Hex Signs: Pennsylvania Dutch Barn Symbols & Their Meaning: Revised & Expanded
Don Yoder

Hex Signs: Myth and Meaning in Pennsylvania Dutch Barn Stars
Patrick Donmoyer

Strange Experience: The Secrets of a Hexenmeister
Lee R Gandee

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Mike Lummio Bushcraft Northwest
STW Podcasts

STW Episode #14 – Mike Lummio on Bushcraft

Mike Lummio runs Bushcraft Northwest, which offers several courses on bushcraft as well as urban survival. Recently, he invited me out to one of his Bushcraft Weekends in Goldendale, Washington.

Topics covered:

  • What is bushcraft?
  • Difference between bushcraft and wilderness survival
  • Gear – over-dependence and what makes a good setup
  • Responsible harvest
  • Perpetuated myths
  • Bushcraft in urban settings
  • Upcoming book “Living Bushcraft”


“Outlaw Wolf Fire” by Horseskull is available at Bandcamp

Bushcraft Northwest

Wild Food Adventures


Books Mentioned:

Essential Bushcraft
Ray Mears

Bushcraft: Outdoor Skills and Wilderness Survival
Mors Kochanski

Edible and Medicinal Plants of the West
Gregory L. Tilford

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Évariste Vital Luminais [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

STW Episode #13 – John Mosby “Forging the Hero”

John Mosby is a former U.S. Army Special Operations soldier and author of a new book, titled Forging the Hero. He is best known online for his contributions to the magazine Forward Observer, and his blog, Mountain Guerrilla


A tribal strategy for building resilient communities and surviving the decline of empire

Topics covered:

  • The historical reality of decline vs. collapse fantasies
  • Group survival vs. the Hollywood loner myth
  • The importance of tribe
  • Building tribal cohesion through gift-giving
  • Identifying shared culture and values
  • Frith, Innangard and Utangard


“Outlaw Wolf Fire” by Horseskull is available at Bandcamp

Mountain Guerrilla

Forward Observer

Books Mentioned:

A Study of History, Vol. 1: Abridgement of Volumes I-VI
Arnold J. Toynbee

The Fate of Empires: Being an Inquiry Into the Stability of Civilisation (Classic Reprint)
Arthur John Hubbard

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release dates

Becoming A Barbarian – Release Dates

I’ve just approved the digital proof of my new book, Becoming a Barbarian, and you will find semi-solid release dates below. Autographed copies are now available for pre-order through BRUTAL Company

BAB-cover-200x300Becoming a Barbarian is the true follow-up to the The Way of Men. However, Becoming a Barbarian isn’t specifically about masculinity.

Becoming a Barbarian won’t teach you how to swing a battle axe or crush your enemies (so that you can see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women).

After reading The Way of Men, all kinds of men all around the world wrote me asking how to start their own tribes. What I found in talking to them was that many weren’t mentally prepared to become part of a tribe.

How can you concentrate on crushing your enemies, when you’re still busy arguing with them as peers or trying to win their hearts and minds?

Becoming a Barbarian is an argument against moral universalism and an argument for drawing hard lines between your “us” and “them.” It’s an argument about changing the way you argue, the way you use resources, the way you evaluate others and the way you see modern governments. It’s about moving, mentally, out into a wilderness beyond the borders of the Empire.

Release Dates

Autographed copy pre-orderAvailable now

Amazon and other online bookstores – March 29

Kindle, Nook, iBook, ePub, Google – April 5

Audible Audio – Late April/Early May 2015

T-shirts and other items featuring the cover artwork, symbols and slogans from the book will be made available through BRUTAL Company as they are designed and submitted to printers. Keep up with new products at or via Instagram @starttheworld.

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Die neuen Barbaren (The New Barbarians – German Translation)

[Translated by Lars Peter Kronlob]

Der folgende Text ist eine Rede, die am 26. Oktober 2013 bei der 2. Konferenz des nationalen Politikinstituts am Ronald-Reagan-Gebäude in Washington, DC gehalten wurde.

Es könnte einen Kollaps geben. Es könnte passieren. Es könnte morgen passieren. Rachsüchtige Götter könnten Felsbrocken vom Himmel schleudern und die Erde mit Feuer und Fluten reinigen. Es könnte Blut und Zähneknirschen auf den Straßen geben. Eine Heuschreckenplage oder Killerbienen, irgendeine chinesische Grippe oder die Zombie-Apokalypse. Eure Kreditkarten könnten auslaufen und eure „Smart“-Phones könnten ziemlich dumm werden. Wir könnten gezwungen werden, uns in Banden zusammenzuschließen und ums Überleben zu kämpfen. Wir könnten von Umständen, die außerhalb unserer Kontrolle liegen, dazu gezwungen werden, Lebensweisen wiederzuentdecken, die unserer Spezies –  unseren Reptilienhirnen – vertrauter sind als diese endlose, banale Ausbreitung von Konzernanlagen und Einkaufszentren.

Oder ihr bekommt einfach diesen einen Tag als Löwe, um so zu sterben wie ihr geboren wurdet, strampelnd und schreiend und mit dem Blut von jemand anderem bedeckt.

Continue reading

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Blog, Links and Updates

New Venture – BRUTAL Company

Violence is Golden T-Shirts, Patches and more now in stock at

After putting out “Violence is Golden” and “Start the World” patches over the summer of 2015, I heard several stories about people recognizing my patches in different areas of the country and then starting conversations about the themes in my work. My background is in art, and I’ve always enjoyed designing my own book covers, logos and products for other people, so I decided to launch BRUTAL Company as a brand to help spread ideas that are important to me and many of my readers.

(Also, I did a very small order of the t-shirts, but already placed a re-order as I expect them to sell out quickly)

Once I finally get my new book Becoming a Barbarian finished (2 more chapters left…) I’m planning on producing more podcasts and YouTube videos with some of the many highly skilled and accomplished men who have contacted me over the past few years. Having some merchandise available for readers/listeners/viewers to purchase will give them a way to help support the production of this free content in which they actually get something — instead of just donating to a tip jar (which is also cool).


Instead of pricing things lower and then setting up some kind of shipping hierarchy, all prices currently include domestic shipping and handling costs. Additional shipping charges will be calculated for international orders during checkout.


This is a small business, and I don’t have thralls wandering through a warehouse with glazed over eyes, waiting for your purchasing decisions. I actually have to schedule a day to sit down and ship all of this stuff or hire a friend to do it.

It may take up to 10 days for your order to ship, but if it was received, it will get shipped.

I know you’ve been spoiled by Amazon Prime. Me too. It’s a First World Struggle.

Together, we can get through this.

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