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21 Con 2019 – Oct 24-27 Orlando, FL

I’ll be speaking again at the 21 Convention in Orlando, FL — where the manosphere conversation comes offline and into the “real” world where men can listen, exchange ideas and network face-to-face. ...

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Edred Thorsson, photo by Jack Donovan

Interview: 9 Questions for Edred Thorsson

If you are using the runes or practicing any form of Germanic paganism in the United States right now, you can thank Edred Thorsson — and you should. Writing under that name or his birth name, Stephen Flowers, he’s been advancing the light of what...

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Jack Donovan

Recreation vs. Re-Creation

The creative man is a self-turning wheel, a self-consuming serpent — an ouroboros — gnawing away at his own flesh to feed his own growth. The creative beast seeks no end. He consumes the end, over and over again in a continual process of generation...

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No Man’s Land

A series of essays unpacking the feminist arguments against masculinity that one sees in "the news" every day. They haven't changed for decades. ...

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