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The Professor in the Cage

The Professor in the Cage: Why Men Fight and Why We Like to Watch Jonathan GottschallPenguin Publishing Group, 2015. Kindle EditionISBN-10: 1594205639ISBN-13: 978-1594205637    I downloaded Jonathan Gottschall’s The Professor in the Cage: Why Men Fight and Why We Like to Watch and started reading it the morning...

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Revisiting Iron John

On Robert Bly's Iron John. (First Posted to The Spearhead, Nov 2010) Robert Bly’s Iron John touched off a national discussion about manhood when it camped on the New York Times Best Seller list for over 60 weeks, starting in 1990. The enduring popular caricature of the...

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What Happened to Honor?

On Honor: A History by James Bowman (Originally published at AlternativeRight.com, May 2010) What happened to honor in the West? And without honor -- or at least an honest understanding of it -- are we capable of facing the challenges of the 21st Century? In Honor: A...

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On Sam Sheridan's A Fighter's Heart. (Originally published on The Spearhead, Nov. 2009) The first hundred pages of Sam Sheridan's A Fighter's Heart made me want to pack it in and take up needlepoint. After graduating from high school, Sheridan joined the Merchant Marines, went to Harvard...

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Honor in WAR

WAR, by Sebastian Junger. (Originally Posted to AlternativeRight.com, April 2010) In WAR, Sebastian Junger notes that while pure objectivity is hard enough to maintain while covering a city council meeting -- let alone in the middle of a war -- he committed himself to writing “honestly”...

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