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Upcoming Speaking Engagement: The 21 Convention in Orlando

I’m pleased to announce that this fall I’ve agreed to speak at the 21 Convention in Orlando, Florida.

The conference seems to be very professionally organized, featuring 24 speakers giving 26 “red-pilled” presentations on becoming the ideal man in this less than ideal world. It’s the perfect venue for me to introduce some of the ideas that are important to me these days. In addition to covering some of the basic ideas from The Way of Men and Becoming a Barbarian, I’ll be using the Nietzschean concept of nobility to talk about moving away from a reactive, critical culture of frustration and ressentiment, and toward a personal culture of creation and “starting your own world.”

It should be a really interesting and eventful weekend, featuring major “manosphere” author Rollo Tomasi, style guru Tanner Guzi, and several successful entrepreneurs, lifestyle coaches, pickup artists and relationship advisors. Speakers and attendees will all be focused on networking with other men who want to be successful and become the best versions of themselves. I’m sure there will also be a good bit of mischief. I mean, it’s Florida, what could possibly go wrong?

This will be the first time I’ve been to that corner of the country since I went to Walt Disney World when I was 11, so if you want to come see me roll out the ideas I’m kicking around for my next book and get some serious strategies for succeeding without being a total cuck, book your seat at the conference and be sure to introduce yourself.

Prices start at $999 for the whole weekend, and will rise as the event approaches — so don’t delay — and be sure to use this link to book your spot, so they know I sent you.


Urban Elves
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Death to Urban Elves!

Smug, Snobby Urban Elves in their True Form. WAKE UP AMERICA!


Now is the time for plain speaking.

It’s time to call a spade a spade.

Or, in this case, it’s time to call an Elf an Elf.

Oh, we’ve danced around the issue and called them by many names.

In the 1960s, our people called them “hippies.”

People today sometimes call them hipsters, but hipster-ism is a pose affected by rude, youthful elves who mock us with Pabst Blue Ribbon and vintage cigarettes because they know that when you live for an average of 700 years, you don’t have to take anything very seriously.

“SWPL,” or “Stuff White People Like” was also a cute euphemism, but we all knew we weren’t talking about “stuff white people like” in general. Lots of white people like Coors Light and know how to fix cars and listen to mainstream country music unironically.

We weren’t talking about those white people, and everyone knew it.

We were talking about creatures with white skin who AREN’T REALLY PEOPLE.

I’ve mentioned them in passing, but it’s time to identify the enemy. We must NAME THE ELF.

Elves are often mistaken for humans, because they have similar features and white skin, but they tend to be slender and slightly more delicate than the race of men.

I live in Portland, and that’s where I first noticed the obvious differences between humans who live in the suburbs and in the country, and urban elves, who live downtown, shop at Whole Foods, pretend to read UTNE, and see themselves as “stewards of the Earth.” They’re always saying queer, condescending things to humans, like, “why don’t you just evolve?”

The show Portlandia is actually complicated tongue-in-cheek Elvish humor. It’s self-deprecating and neurotic but somehow also celebratory and awkwardly amusing, like Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Elves can breed with humans, but they are embarrassed of their attractions to brutish and short-lived humans so they prefer to murder the children before their Elders find out. This is why elves tend to be feminist and vote Democrat. Elves also tend to be outspoken feminists because the elvish race, which has much in common with the Dwarves (but we’re not going to get into the whole gold-mongering Dwarf thing here), is almost completely androgynous and elvish communities have been matriarchal since their Age of Vulvar began in 33 AD. Elves will often say that “gender is just a construct” because they like to tease “unevolved” humans, who they know full well have more fully differentiated sexes.

Hen-pecked Elvish males are secretly jealous of human men, though, so they work with the Dwarves to market birth control pills, human pornography, soy products, plastics and other products with dysgenic, emasculating effects. They don’t actually consume these products themselves, which is why they can often be spotted at “health food” stores. “Health food” and “organic” are both shortened versions of unpronounceable Elvish words that translate roughly to “not the poison slop we feed stupid humans.” Sadly, wealthy and high-born humans often collude with Elves to push these products on the lower human castes, to keep them weak, compliant and easy to control.

However, it was the courage of an Alabama congressman that inspired me to finally “come out of the closet” as an elf hater.

Congressman Mo Brooks came out and said what I’ve known for some time.

The thoroughly Elf and Dwarf-controlled Democratic Party has long been waging a “War on White People” by conducting a massive university-based re-education campaign to get white people to “reject their whiteness” which is code for rejecting their basic human nature, and act more like white Elves. Elves see white humans as a nuisance, and know that if white humans hate themselves and adopt Elvish breeding habits and matriarchal lifeways, they will die out in an Elvish decade or two because of their shorter life spans. Elvish Democrats have also moved to import non-white peoples, orcs and goblins into white human areas as part of their ethnic cleansing campaign. Their secret slogan, which sounds far more sinister in Elvish, is “no white people, no white people problems.” After the extinction of white people, the elves will quickly move to enslave the unsuspecting non-whites, orcs and goblins, and rule planet Earth in alliance with the clever gold-hoarding Dwarves.

Most white people laugh at ideas like a “War on White People,” because they have been glamoured by Elvish magic, so they cannot see the Elves’ pointy ears or creepy high cheekbones. Also, it seems like the people in prominent positions on both sides of this “war” are white. Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, for instance, are not Elvish, but Elvish yes-people who have been promised immortality by Elves in exchange for their treachery. The joke will be on them, because the Elves lost the secret of passing immortality to humans in 1323 BC, during the Tutankhamen debacle, and this was well known to human scholars until the destruction of the Library of Alexandria in 642 by the Goblin Caliph Omar.

I do not mean for this to sound partisan, because the Republican Party in America, for the most part, simply wolf-whistles about the “War on White People” to create confusion and advance the interests of moneyed white humans, who hope to bargain with Elves after the majority of their white human rubes have been exterminated. They are sneaky backroom dealers and cannot be trusted.

That’s why I’m reaching out to you, common white human.

Let the scales fall from your eyes, my brothers and sisters.

The Elves are not your friends.

Stop taking their “diversity” and “women’s studies” misinformation classes. Stop supporting their puppet “parties.” There is only one political party. THE ELVISH PARTY.

Stop listening to their Elvish “Hollywood” folklore.

These are not your people.

They aren’t even people!

They’re elves, and it’s “us” or “them”



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April 8, 2014
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Donovan’s 10% Law of Female Sex Pollution

Earlier this week, Radix published an essay I’d been working on for a while, which was bound to cause some controversy.

Beauties in Beast Mode

Read it at Radix Journal

Some guys who objected couldn’t manage to stop tripping over their dicks, and their main beef seemed to be that “chicks who lift are hot.” The point of the essay wasn’t about who men should or shouldn’t find attractive. Feminists don’t get this, because they don’t understand men or the male experience, but boners aren’t political. I could try to project, but frankly I have no idea what the boner that woke me up at 4AM this morning had to say about gender issues or feminism. Men control their words and actions, but erections kinda do what they want.

The essay also wasn’t about attacking women, or athletic women. I have two younger sisters. Both are mothers working hard to stay in great shape, and I’m proud of them both for refusing to become typical American land beasts.

The main point of the essay was that while feminists nag us from their blogs, magazines and Twitter accounts, it is in many cases men who are pushing women to get involved in extreme sports that many feminists would criticize as “hypermasculine” in men — like fighting, strongman, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and so on. These are usually men who would mock effeminate men and hipsters and complain that men aren’t men anymore, but they encourage women to be more masculine, as if the sexes exist in separate vacuums and changes in women don’t influence men. I wrote about some of the reasons why I think men do this, and while their motivations are probably innocent enough, I wanted them to think about how they are impacting men around them, and how their actions contribute to the erosion of sex roles. The places where men train for these “hypermasculine” sports are some of the last redoubts for men who no longer have any other exclusively male spaces. We can’t just expect men to spring forth from the loins of their forefathers as exemplars of manliness without any kind of support or paternal influence. Our manliest forefathers spent much of their time in male groups, being influenced by other men. Females interrupt that process, exert their own influence on male cultures and turn men against each other.

Having observed this over and over again in the real world, and having heard about similar progressions from friends and readers, here’s a basic rule for female participation in male groups.

Donovan’s 10% Law of Female Sex Pollution

A long as females make up less than 5% of the total group, and they are unattractive or no more than moderately attractive, they will be gender-nonconforming exceptions who will adapt to male group culture, respect it, and strive to be considered “one of the guys.” If a majority of the males find her attractive, many of them will be extremely distracted and go out of their way to accommodate, assist, flatter and please her (whether they are married/committed or not). When female participation edges toward 10% and beyond, females will adapt the culture and environment to suit their own tastes and interests. This begins with “the curtains.” Music selections will change, and “family feel-good inclusivity activities” like potlucks, birthday celebrations, mixers and so forth will be introduced. Males will stop speaking freely to avoid offending the females, and when they don’t, females will either confront them directly (uncommon) or attempt to influence a prominent male member to intervene on behalf of women to make the group more “female friendly.” If successful, and the females do not then become bored, as time progresses, they will introduce less adventurous, gender-conforming women to the mix, and those women will require additional cultural changes to feel comfortable in what they still perceive to be a “testosterone-heavy” environment.

Following a consistent 10%-15%  female inclusion rate, a phenomenon called “gender pollution” will occur as the group is perceived to be more feminine and loses masculine prestige. Males will “lose interest” in the mixed sex group, which can no longer be seen as the masculine group they were initially drawn to, and membership in the group no longer increases their honor, validates their masculinity, or gives them an opportunity to interact with men without female interference. Because outright sexism is taboo, especially after prominent male members have made “female-friendly” inclusivity overtures, many males will find other “official” reasons to leave the group to save face. Following this purge, the group will become thoroughly mixed, sexism will be rigorously policed and considered absolutely taboo, and there is a high probability that group will become progressively more female-oriented.

The percentages above will vary according to how aggressively feminist the women involved are, but even one extremely aggressive feminist can’t make enough cultural changes to alienate men without some help from “sisters.”

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A Sky Without Eagles T-Shirts Now Available

A Sky Without Eagles Shirt

Danger Press printed up a run of t-shirts using the image from the cover of my book of essays, A Sky Without Eagles.

Some of you have the t-shirts and prints (see my framed one above) that they did for The Way of Men, so you know that the shirts are really high-quality, they fit well, and the printing is top-notch.

I approached the guys at Danger Press about doing a run of these because so many readers told me that the TWOM t-shirts were conversation-starters.

The octopus illustration symbolizes the perversion of the Great Seal of the United States from an “eagle” to an all-seeing, creeping police state Leviathan.

They’re on sale just in time for Independence Day.

I’m not selling these myself — get yours from Danger Press for $24.99 plus shipping.

A Sky Without Eagles
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A Sky Without Eagles – Collected Essays Now Available in Hardcover and Audiobook

A Sky Without Eagles

A Sky Without Eagles, collection of my best essays and speeches from the last four years, can now be purchased in hardcover at, Barnes and Noble, and possibly other online retailers. Using the ISBN number, most brick-and-mortar booksellers should be able to order it.

I published this collection because many readers requested a printed edition of my online work for their bookshelves. It’s a collection for collectors.

The title speech, “A Sky Without Eagles,” was given to a private audience, so it will be new to all but a few. Some of the essays included in the book were published years ago at sites that are no longer online, so they will be new to most. I also wrote three new essays specifically for this book.

The cover image represents the creeping, all-seeing, all-controlling leviathan replacing the bald eagle — a symbol of freedom and independent strength that is no longer an appropriate symbol for the American surveillance state.

A t-shirt of the “state octopus” is in the works from Danger Press.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Violence Is Golden
  • A Sky Without Eagles (Speech Transcript – NEW)
  • Anarcho-Fascism
  • Mighty White
  • Vote With Your Ass
  • The Grievance Table
  • There Is No Honor In Competition With Women
  • Mother May I? Masculinity
  • Draw The Line
  • Everyone A Harlot
  • Train For Honor (NEW)
  • The Physical Challenge (NEW)
  • Principles of Convenience
  • The Manly Barbarian
  • Becoming The New Barbarians (Speech Transcript)
  • CROM! (NEW)
  • The Brotherhood (NEW)

Available Formats


A Sky Without Eagles (Hardcover)170 Pages, cloth-bound. Matte finish dust jacket.

ISBN-10: 0985452331.

ISBN-13: 978-0985452339

List Price: $35.00.

Buy now on Amazon.




Mp3 Audiobook

ASWE---Audiobook-CoverA podcast-style audiobook reading of each essay by author Jack Donovan, including two “live” tracks from public speeches.

PDF with hyper-linked table of contents included with ZIP file download.


Download direct from e-junkie.

Add to Cart


Advance Praise for A Sky Without Eagles


“I loved reading “Violence is Golden”. It was provocative and inspiring. I enjoyed it so much that I shared it online and was stunned by how much controversy it created. [I’m sure that those that “violently” opposed the views of Mr. Donovan, missed the irony of their anger]. Embracing violence doesn’t mean you must be violent … as a self-defense consultant, it means you must understand violence so that you can do your best to intercept it. In a real fight, when you are the target, it’s not who’s right that matters, its who’s left.”

Tony Blauer, CEO & Founder, Blauer Tactical Systems

“With this collection, Jack Donovan clearly demonstrates his deep and prescient understanding of a very particular type of man: at once revolutionary and traditional – an outsider amongst outsiders. But Donovan goes further than mere understanding, for in his use of physiological warfare against epistemological enslavement, he offers each of us an escape route from the promise of a deracinated and emasculated future.”

Mark Dyal, Ph.D., author of Ultras Contra Modernity: Romans in Revolt (Arktos, 2014).

“Jack Donovan has produced a fascinating collection of straightforward essays that leave no sacred icon of contemporary times unassailed. The contents of this book represent the nightmares of every self-assured Marxist professor, shrill feminist ideologue, or smarmy liberal journalist. Jack’s ideas are Kryptonite to the chattering classes. This is the book to hand out to baby faced university freshmen who have had the misfortune of being forced to sit through totalitarian humanist indoctrination sessions.”

Keith Preston, author of Attack the System: A New Anarchist Perspective for the 21st Century

“I first heard of Jack by way of his essay Violence is Golden. I was so impressed that I immediately contacted him to request his permission to reprint the article for our audience of warriors, and he was kind enough to oblige.

The unvarnished truth and deep insight on the subject of violence by-proxy instantly struck a chord with me (as I am sure it will with you), and I knew then that I had to dig deeper into Jacks other writings.

I am glad I did.

Jack’s no-nonsense approach to “telling it like it is” calmly, reasonably, and logically is particularly appealing to thinking warriors who wish to get a better grasp on masculinity and what it means to be good at being men… Which is something men suffering from a form of a Nationalistic Stockholm Syndrome (for a lack of better terms) certainly need in this day and age in order to break free from the psychological chains that bind them through what Larken Rose calls The Most Dangerous Superstition – A superstition which prevents men and societies from realizing their full potential – living harmoniously (not perfectly) without masters and slaves ruled by the political class via violence by-proxy enforced by the warrior class.

While you may not agree with everything Jack has to say (I don’t – however, reasonable men recognize that no man is 100% right on everything, yet know better than to throw the baby out with the bathwater), what he has to say is as timely as it is relevant, and these discussion are the types of discourse that all men need to have calmly and rationally better understand each other and get along without violence.

Sparking such discussions amongst diverse groups who often would not naturally cross pollinate on their own is something Jack is particularly gifted at, and we are all better off because of it.

If you have have aspiring young warriors under your tutelage, you could do much worse than pointing them towards Jacks writings in hopes that they will pick up better ideas on what it means to be good at being a man, rather than being “good men.”

It is my sincere hope that Jack’s compilation of some of his most popular essays (including the wildly popular Violence is Golden) and the new materials contained in A Sky Without Eagles, will inspire many more warriors to think for themselves and free their minds from the programming that all to often binds them in servitude to the political class.”

Ron Danielowski, Chief Instructor and Principle, Pulse Firearms Training

Knowing the truth means little if you lack the courage to express it in a world built on lies. Expressing it means little either if you lack the skill to capture and convince an audience. The essays in A Sky Without Eagles teem with ancient truths and new insights delivered with courage, humor, and compelling logic. Truth + courage + style = the latest Jack Donovan book.

Greg Johnson, author of New Right vs. Old Right


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April 14, 2017
Columbia Gorge, clouds, from Hamilton Mt., WA
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“The Bright Side”

Columbia Gorge, clouds, from Hamilton Mt., WAToday, I finally had a chance to reboot.

After a 7 month slog of working and going to tattoo school, followed by a month of working, writing and travelling to speak on both coasts, today was the first day in a long time that really felt like what people call a “day off.” I had things on my whiteboard, but all of them could wait.

I picked up my pal Rex, and we drove out to the Columbia River Gorge to do some hiking. I wanted to get some fresh air and exercise.

I knew it was supposed to rain. The Gorge is always beautiful, but in the rain, it’s a Chinese painting. The mountains disappear and reappear as wraithlike clouds blow slowly around them. There’s a mythic feeling to it that makes it easy to understand why our barbarian fathers believed in mountain spirits.

As we drove past Hamilton Mt., some sunlight caught his cliffs and I said, “I want to go up there.” We crossed the Bridge of the Gods and backtracked to the trailhead. It’s a difficult hike. It’s not Everest, but the switchbacks are steep and precarious. If you keep a good pace it still takes a couple of hours to summit the mountain. I’ve done it before, and it was exactly what I needed.

It rained most of the way up. During the last half mile, there were fewer trees, and we were exposed. That’s when the rain turned to hail. We kept going, stopped at the top for a few minutes, then unceremoniously headed back down the mountain.

The hail really started pounding. I hadn’t bothered to wear a hat, so I was walking with my hands on my shaved, freezing head.

There was a flash of light that felt “right here” in the clouds — not “up there.”


Thunderstorms aren’t that common in the Pacific Northwest. I jumped a little, then chuckled at myself and shouted: “CROM!”

Rex and I laughed, exhilarated from the epic weather.

As we continued down the exposed path, I thought, “This is probably not the best place to be in a thunder and lightning storm.”

Then, I corrected myself. After everything I’d accomplished in the past couple of years, I realized that I couldn’t think of a better way to die.

What an awesome death story! I write a successful book about manliness, give a speech about becoming barbarians, hike up a mountain into a hailstorm, shout “CROM!” and get struck dead by lightning?

GODS die like that!


So, for about ten minutes on a mountain today, I was completely resigned to death by lightning strike. I was happy. I was scanning the clouds with a smile on my face. I was looking forward to it.

After the storm calmed down and we could hear each other, Rex said, “Well, I can’t feel my feet. If they have to cut off my foot, I’ll finally get to build that raptor claw.”

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Obama drone
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Restore The Fourth PDX

Mr. Blake told me that we should do a perimeter walk before we joined the protest. He said we should look for dump trucks filled with gravel, which they apparently use to protect the block around The Benson hotel when a President comes to town.

Mr. Blake was dressed as an agent for “The Man.” His objective was to identify plants and agents provocateurs.

Mr. Blake at Restore the Fourth

Mr. Blake surveys the assembling protesters.

Satisfied that we weren’t being herded into a State-sponsored kill zone, we decided to proceed to O’Bryant Square, the site of today’s Restore The Fourth event.

I heard about the protest online last night. Organizers promised a non-partisan rally to “strengthen the Fourth Amendment with respect to digital surveillance by the U.S. government.”

Non-partisan? Keeping the gubmint outta my bidness? I can get on board with that!

With all of the protests around the world right now — Greece, Turkey, Egypt, etc. — I wanted to get in on the action. Shake things up. Start The World.

The “non-partisan” atmosphere was interesting and refreshing, and something you wouldn’t have seen a few years ago, when your average protester was obsessed with George W. Bush, and still well ensorceled by Thulsa Doom Barack Obama. In fact, there were multiple signs of brewing discontent with Obama’s wicked dream cult. Mr. Blake said that Obama represented “peak hope,” and I agreed heartily.

Anti-Obama Signs at Restore the Fourth Protest


Another positive was the fact that the protest was being MC’d by a recent Air Force veteran, who carried himself off well. The first thing he did was ask how many others present had at one point swore an oath to defend the US Constitution. When speaking about the value of activism and protest, he brought up The Bonus Army — a group of WWI vets who got screwed over by Uncle Sam, and decided to camp out on the Capitol lawn.

Mr. Blake has written about “The Bonus Army” at some length.

The speaker kind of glossed over the fact that this protest was crushed by Hoover, Douglas MacArthur, President Dwight Eisenhower and George Patton

Four hundred infantry from the the 12th Infantry Regiment and two hundred cavalry from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment mobilized against the Bonus Army.  The infantry attacked with sabers, bayonets and tear gas.  Several Army trucks with machine guns and five or six tanks also moved against the veterans. In the streets of Washington DC, US soldier fought US soldier. Two veterans were shot.  The shantytowns were burned to the ground, including the American flags of the veterans and all the worldly possessions of their families.

Trevor Blake: The Bonus Army

The young MC said that because of that activism — some of which started in Oregon — major reforms actually took place. I doubt that most of those reforms ended up being for the better, but the feds did eventually pay the vets part of what they owed them.

I didn’t go to the rally because I thought the corrupt and irreparably broken US Government was going to stop abusing its ability to monitor US Citizens. As Mark Steyn reiterated recently, a State with as much power as ours will eventually be lured by the “siren song of the soft target.” It’s easier to go after you for something silly than it is to go after legitimate threats to national or local security.

Ask Jack Carter, the 19-year-old gamer who was arrested, imprisoned, beaten and put in solitary confinement for Facebook smack-talk.

I went to the rally because I’m glad to see the runaway State lose the mandate and trust of its citizens. Widespread loss of faith in centralized government is the only thing — save a major disaster — that can save future generations from becoming the fearful, emasculated slaves of wealthy globalist elites and their pet bureaucrats.

That, and I can’t think of anything better to do on Independence Day than protest tyranny.

Me at the protest. I swear I was trying to look like I was having a good time.


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American Politics

Split a meat plate with a progressive pal the other night at a tucked-in little workshop pub called “The Tannery.”

Good bier wurst.

The two mainstream groups in American politics are made absurd by obvious internal contradictions.

The “Republicans” position themselves as advocates of small-town values, yet defend the big businesses most responsible for eroding the small business, family farm lifestyles that make those values possible.

How can you save small town values with big businesses? 

The “Democrats” are called liberals, and position themselves as champions of personal freedom, yet offer absolutely no solutions that don’t somehow involve increased government regulation or oversight.

How can you increase personal freedom with big government?

“Conservative” Republicans say they are fiscally responsible, but they support fiscally irresponsible, unnecessary, protracted and un-winnable wars.

“Progressive” Democrats say they are against war, but they tacitly support fiscally irresponsible, unnecessary, protracted and un-winnable wars when their own party leaders continue them.

“Progressive” Democrats say they are against big business and white privilege, but they advocate taxation and regulatory policies that make small businesses difficult to start. When I go to progressive areas and patronize new “politically correct” small businesses, it seems as though the majority of them were started or bankrolled by the children of wealthy white people.


Pup Creek Falls, Oregon
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Pup Creek Falls, OregonOver a year ago, I wrote an essay titled “Hate Globally, Like Locally.”  Opponents of globalism ought to be finding things to “like” around them, and I vowed to do that — because I actually like where I live. Too many on the far right come off like miserable cunts who hate everything, and give no reason for anyone to sympathize with them.

I ended up promoting the things I like about Portland mainly through my Facebook pages. However, what I found is that I really don’t give a shit about Portland, per se. I work in Portland, but I don’t live in Portland, and I would live further away from it if I could figure out how to make money out in the sticks. There are things I like about Portland. Portland has a great, unpretentious food scene, and some hipster-ish cultural trends I can get on board with, like old-fashioned barber shops. But when people ask me why I live so close to Portland, my answer is:

Because Oregon.

At your right, find a photo of Pup Creek Falls. I did a 7-8 mile (round-trip) trail run/hike out to see this a few days ago. The trailhead was 40 minutes from my home in Milwaukie, which is only about 10 minutes outside of SE Portland. It also happens to be within a few miles of the pull-off where I go to shoot guns with rednecks from Clackamas County.

On a Friday afternoon in March, I was the only one on this lush, primordial trail. I don’t know any other mid-sized city in America where you can truly get out in the middle of nowhere so quickly.

Here’s more information about the trail. 

I’ve started tattoo school, so I may not be doing a lot of writing in the next 6 months, but I renamed the “Portland” section of this blog “Cascadia.” I’m going to try to keep track of the things I like about the Pacific Northwest, including Portland, with brief updates and photos posted to that section.

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