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Start the World Podcast“End Times Infotainment”

START THE WORLD is Jack Donovan’s podcast on masculinity, tribalism, survivalism, outsider thinking and more.

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The main “Start the World” theme song in most episodes is titled “Empire of the Iron Glove,” from the band Disiplin. I’ve always wanted to use it for this — it has a “B-movie apocalypse” feel that I really dig. The band is currently inactive, so I was psyched that I was able to track down one of the members to get permission to use it.

Lately, I’ve been switching it up with “Outlaw Wolf Fire” by Horseskull, fronted by one of the members of the Wolves of Vinland.


001  –  Mike Smock and Ron Danielowski from Pulse Firearms on freedom, firearms, masculinity and more

002  –  Vince Rinehart, Tlingit tribal activist and Native American anarchist, editor at AttackTheSystem.com on being stateless within the state

003  –  Paul Carter from Lift-Run-Bang on lifting, masculinity, writing, living an adventurous life

004  –  Trevor Blake, author of Confessions of a Failed Egoist on the notion of “natural rights” and more.

005  –  Piero San Giorgio, author of Survive — The Economic Collapse on the deeper mysteries of Conan the Barbarian

006  –  Diabolus Rex, on “Occult Technology” and his massive steel demon generating forge.

007  –   Paul Waggener from the Wolves of Vinland, on heathen tribalism.

008  –   Hunter Cuneo, on starting and running a private gym for men.

009  –  Dr. Sherman House, DDS, on “Disaster Dentistry”

010 – Removed 4/29/2017 at request of guest.

011  –   Tony Blauer on his SPEAR system, processing fear and why Violence is Golden (or at least a reality).

012  –  Audio Essay: “All The Have is Fear.”

013  –  John  Mosby on his book, Forging the Hero, about building a tribe.

014  –  Mike Lummio from Bushcraft Northwest.

015  –  Hunter Yoder the Heathen Hexologist

016  –  Greg Walsh from Wolf Brigade

017  –  Book review – on Sebastian Junger’s Tribe

018  –  Essay – “All Training is Sacrifice”

019  –  Audiobook Chapter – “No Apologies, No Arguments, No Explanations,” from Becoming a Barbarian

020  –  The Way of Dogs, with trainer KD Mathews