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Some of my best and most popular short work.

Violence is Golden

A lot of people like to think they are “non-violent.” Generally, people claim to “abhor” the use of violence, and violence is viewed negatively by most folks. Many fail to differentiate between just and unjust violence. Some especially vain, self-righteous types like to think they have risen above the nasty, violent cultures of their ancestors. They say that “violence isn’t the answer.” They say that “violence doesn’t solve anything.”

They’re wrong. Every one of them relies on violence, every single day.

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A Time for Wolves

A story about my trip to visit The Wolves of Vinland, where I participated in a ship-burning ritual with a fighting tribe of heathens based in Virginia.

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Mighty White

Ten out of ten minorities agree that being a minority can really blow.

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Vote with Your Ass

“Hey man, I still think we can turn this thing around.”

That’s what your vote says.

That’s what you’re telling people when you argue in favor of a candidate, or against one.  You’re saying that a change in management could, at least potentially, create a better future. It’s not the system that’s broken; it’s those head-niggas-in-charge who are ruinin’ everything. The bright idea is that if we get their guy out and put our guy in—our nigga—he could really turn things around.

Where, exactly, is your nigga gonna turn it to?

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Zompocalypse Now: America’s Training Wheel Tribalism

A few decades ago, only B-movie buffs and Michael Jackson cared about zombies. Now, there’s no escape from the undead. From feature filmspopular TV dramas and comic books to Zombie walkspub crawlsand 5ks, the people want zombies like zombies want brains. America’s growing appetite for zombietainment has been called a commentary on cubicle life and brain-dead consumerism, and it’s been attributed to fears of economic instability and bioterrorism, but those explanations don’t quite cut it. Zombies aren’t like other monsters or aliens — they’re other people who suddenly turn on us. It’s because zombies are humans who become sub-human that the “Zombie Apocalypse” has become America’s safest shorthand for our most taboo tribal fantasies.

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