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No One Will Ever Make America Great Again

Donald Trump Isn’t Your Daddy, And He Can’t Fix What’s Broken In America

British journalist Milo Yiannopoulos frequently refers to Donald Trump as “daddy.”

Milo introduces himself as, “the most fabulous supervillain on the Internet,” so calling a Presidential candidate “daddy” is consistent with his own quirky brand of camp conservatism.

I don’t know of anyone else who calls Trump “daddy.” But when I see my peers caught up in stadium-style slave wave that is ready to crown a shifty, wheeling and dealing New York City businessman as America’s savior and “emperor god-king”…

…“daddy” does seem uncomfortably appropriate.

The incontinent progressive mainstream would have you imagine Donald the “daddy” as the paternal leader — or Führer, as they put it once upon a time in Deutschland. However, Donald Trump is no artist, and his vision for American Greatness seems to be far less grand, let alone “great.”

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Zombies, Alienation and President Hillary Clinton

Time Magazine - Hillary POTUSI, for one, look forward to the Hillary Clinton Presidency.

Radix Journal presents my endorsement here.

Why We Need Hillary” at Radix Journal

Richard Spencer and I recently talked to Swiss author Piero San Giorgio about postmodern alienation, the zombie hordes, survivalism in one of the most animated and entertaining  podcasts I’ve done called into in a while.

Postmodern Zombies” at Radix Journal’s Vanguard Radio

Have a listen here, or through iTunes.

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