Jack Donovan | What is Masculinity?
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Watch this video for a short introduction to Jack Donovan’s hit book on the nature of masculinity.

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What does it mean to “be a man?”

What is happening to masculinity in the modern world?

People are talking about “the end of men,” “the decline of males,” and the so-called “crisis of masculinity.” Newsweek, Time, The Huffington Post, the government — even the United Nations — all say that men should “reimagine masculinity.”

They want to change the way we think about masculinity because they want to control men. Women, nations and religions all project their own agendas onto masculinity, and make it about what they want from men.

In The Way of Men, I sorted out all of the conflicting religious, cultural and moral baggage — and worked out a simple, straightforward theory of masculinity that men all around the world can recognize and understand.

The mainstream media is too busy calling men slobs, jerks, louts, pigs and losers to openly discuss the problems men face today.

The so-called university “experts” are too busy trying to figure out how men are oppressing and raping the whole world to study manhood honestly.

The Way of Men explains

  • Where our most basic ideas about masculinity come from
  • What we have in common with chimpanzees
  • The meaning and the purpose of the four “tactical virtues” that define masculinity
  • The difference between being a good man and being good at being a man
  • The difference between female-oriented societies and male-oriented societies
  • The age-old conflict between manliness and civilization
  • The current conflict between manliness, feminism and globalism
  • ..and a lot more.
If you’re interested in understanding men and manliness, but always thought the other books out there seemed too preachy, too new-agey, or feminized, this is the no-holds-barred book about manliness you’ve been looking for.