Yukio Mishima, Yojuro Yasuda, & Fascism, Part 1

Also from Counter-Currents, Riki Rei’s  translation of Romano Vulpitta‘s ”Yukio Mishima, Yojuro Yasuda, & Fascism.”

I would like to talk about my thinking on this topic. Mishima is popular among Italian Nationalists. How has Mishima become a hero of the Nationalists? Italy is the No.1 foreign country where Mishima’s literary works are translated and published. New or revised editions continue being published even to this day. Speeches, lectures, and films on Mishima and his works, operas based on his works, as well as numerous other commemorative events have been staged continuously in Italy.

“Yukio Mishima, Yojuro Yasuda, & Fascism,” Part I

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