Buy The Way of Men, a book on Strength, Courage and Honor from the administrator of this site.This blog is part tribute, part ongoing public research file, and part “artwork-in-progress.”

I consider myself a Mishima enthusiast, perhaps a Mishima nerd, but I am by no means a proper scholar of Mishima–I do not read Japanese and I’ve never visited Japan. That said, I do find Mishima an extremely compelling subject, especially the last 10 years or so of his life. I have enjoyed several of his books, but I am most interested in Mishima the man.  A man who transformed himself, who followed his own aesthetics and ideals to their natural final conclusion. Americans tend to think of suicide in terms of retreat, but Mishima’s suicide was quite the opposite. It was bold and brave. How many readers could truly say they would cut their own stomachs open to make a point?

My name is Jack Donovan, and I am the author of The Way of MenAndrophilia, and co-author of Blood-Brotherhood and Other Rites of Male Alliance. For more information about my writing, please visit jack-donovan.com.

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