MSNBC looks forward to the Summer of Sluts

Brace yourself for the summer of ‘sluts’

Jarvis countered that the Toronto organizers have heard from girls as young as 9, some of whom have been called sluts. They learned, Jarvis said, that being called a slut “doesn’t always have to be a shameful thing they need to feel bad about.”

It’s also possible that for a younger generation “slut” is already well on its way to being defanged.

Some of the female UCSD students reported that among groups of girl pals, “slut” is hurled almost affectionately, the way young men might call each other “dumbass.”

When I asked one young woman if she had been scarred by being called a slut as a girl, she scoffed. No, she said. She just thought it was stupid.

Those guys must get quite a chuckle, because you know the guys who call girls sluts with a wink and a nod think of them as cum dumpsters.