Fire in the Dark

My latest book, Fire in the Dark : Men and Gods, is now available in paperback, audiobook, and e-book formats.

Approximately 254 Pages.

ISBN-13 : 978-0985452384

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From the book’s description:

“Men today have the ability to read and be inspired by masculine myths and stories from all of the world’s religions. We can see how they evolved from one to another. Still, so many men find themselves searching for some sense of what is sacred and want to connect to something eternal, something greater than themselves. The question is: with so many choices, so many traditions, so many gods and heroes — which ones?

In Fire in the Dark, author Jack Donovan — best known for his underground classic, The Way of Men — explores the common themes in these myths that are still relevant to the lives of men today. Beginning with the simple, primal metaphor of the campfire, Donovan identifies a tripartite system of masculine roles and shows how those roles have been repeated again and again throughout the history of myth and religion. It is the nature of men to create order from chaos, and when order has been created, it is the work of men to protect and perpetuate that order. These jobs have been idealized in world-ordering sky fathers and thundering warriors and fertility gods. Donovan has integrated these ideals into a natural spirituality for men that is not new, but actually draws from the very oldest ideas about what it means to be a man.”

From other authors:

“In Fire in the Dark, Jack Donovan shows you the way to a modern pantheon with ancient roots. It is a well-rounded and well-researched book that can assist you on your path: A new man is coming into light.” 

– Matthias Nordvig, PhD., Instructor of Old Norse Studies

“Jack writes not only in order to get men to think more, but he writes as a way for men to do more, and therefore be more. His newest book, Fire in the Dark, not only promotes the idea that men should be better men, his book provides a positive way how; it starts with fire.” 

– Michael Kurcina, from

“Fire in the Dark takes the Way of Men into the spiritual realm and does so with just as much impact as Donovan’s work has had on the tactical applications of masculinity. 

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, many would expect me to reject a book that pulls from paganism. But learning about Man’s role with divinity has honestly improved my relationship with God. 

Whatever your belief system, if you are a man who wants spiritual elevation, you need to read this book.”

– Tanner Guzy, Author of The Appearance of Power: How Masculinity is Expressed Through Aesthetics

Read Fire in the Dark in paperback | Buy it as an e-book | Listen to the audiobook


I’ve appeared on several podcasts to introduce the book, including:

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I also did a live reading of the first chapter and took some questions on my YouTube channel. I had some tech issues (and other comedic issues) but the reading went well and the questions were great.

Here are some links to other recent appearances on YouTube related to the book’s release: