Last week, I launched the first of two new online magazines, a project which aims to promote solar art and culture.

Check out PH2T3R here.

At the end of Fire in the Dark, I wrote about the need for a living, breathing contemporary culture that promotes heroic and upward looking masculine excellence. The current mainstream culture is a chthonic, anti-hierarchical death cult. ⁣

Unfortunately, the kind of men who care about masculinity and excellence and freedom ceded the territory of art and cultural creation to the Empire of Nothing decades ago — and we see the consequences of that all around us now. ⁣

I called on men to fund and commission works of art and culture and spearhead projects that create a higher and better contemporary culture.⁣

I try to do what I ask other men to do, to the extent I am reasonably able. I am working on two major cultural projects. One project is aimed at elevating men who should be elevated (instead of the simping actor shills who hate all of us). That project will launch in July.⁣

The second project launches today. It’s called PH2T3R (puh-TEHR). I’m not a rich guy, but I’m putting my own money where my mouth is to help fund new art and music based on solar idealism and the integrated mythic concepts sketched out in Fire in the Dark. I’m offering a handful of grants, and I’ve created a new Instagram account @ph2t3r and a magazine platform to showcase new works of art and music and articles that explore solar themes. ⁣

1 $500 grant for a solar mandala⁣
2 $500 grants for original musical compositions and recordings⁣
3 $100 grants for pieces of solar tattoo flash for a collaborative solar flash page⁣

More grants will follow. If you enjoyed Fire in the Dark, check out PH2T3R’s web site and give the IG a follow. The first feature is an interview with Kyle from the new solar metal band Sol Anahata, and he guest curated a playlist for PH2T3R’s Spotify page. There are also new essays from authors Johnny Mannaz, Clinton McMillan and C.B. Robertson, and some solar poetry from author Paul Begadon.

PH2T3R’s logo was designed by Ben Howe, and it was intended to represent a solar engine of creation. ⁣

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