A selection of Donovan’s most important current and previous projects.


A Mythic Spoken Word Performance with soundtrack by Temple Tribe.

As part of the PH2T3R Project, Donovan wrote and performed a dramatic reading of a mythic story about The Father calling down the gods of the storm — his Strikers — to drive back the darkness and nihilism of the Dragon, Negation. The recording, including an epic soundtrack by Temple Tribe and two remixes, were released on music streaming platforms like Spotify and iMusic.


A Creative Engine

PH2T3R is a journal and gallery intended to promote and showcase solar culture, that elaborate on the archetypes and themes presented in my book, Fire in the Dark. Through this site, Donovan has offered art grants, producing several musical and visual works.


“We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.” — C.S. Lewis

With Tanner Guzy — style consultant and author of The Appearance of Power — Jack Donovan founded an alternative online magazine for men that features book reviews, essays, and interviews with prominent and courageous men. Donovan took many of the original portrait photographs of the men himself.

CHEST Magazine only lasted a year, as time commitments pulled the founders in different directions, but some of Donovan’s essays and interviews have been archived here.


A short documentary.

In 2022, Jack Donovan trained with Pro Wrestler Dom Vitalli and produced a short documentary about the experience, including interview material with Dom Vitalli, for YouTube.


A video exploration of outdoor art.

In 2021 Jack Donovan visited Double Negative, the Sun Tunnels, and Spiral Jetty, and produced a video about the experience for YouTube.


A Pagan Project

Waldgang is a piece of land in the Pacific Northwest that Donovan puchased and developed for ritual use. The Waldgang page on this site explains the project in detail and contains several galleries.