Jack Donovan | Bio
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photo: Peter Beste

Jack Donovan is the author of The Way of Men, which has become a runaway cult hit with men all over the world who are tired of hearing the mainstream media talk about masculinity as if it were something “toxic” that needed to be “reimagined.” The Way of Men draws on evolutionary psychology, human universals and what most men recognize as common sense to advance his gang theory of masculinity. The Way of Men is available in English worldwide, and has been translated into Portuguese and French. A German edition is expected in early 2016.  Donovan has been blogging, writing and speaking about masculinity and tribalism since 2007.

He is a frequent guest on a wide variety of podcasts, and an occasional contributor to the online magazine RADIX. He also runs his own podcast, Start The World, and has interviewed several self-defense experts, survivalists, authors and artists.


The Art of Manliness Podcast Episode #49: The Way of Men With Jack Donovan

Interviewer: Brett McKay, author of The Art of Manliness, Manvotionals and Heading Out on Your Own

Art of Charm Episode #443: Jack Donovan – The Way of Men

Interviewer: Jordan Harbinger, host

Mating Grounds – Jack Donovan Interview

Interviewers: Tucker Max, author of I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, and Geoffrey Miller, evolutionary psychologist and author of The Mating Mind