Below, you’ll find a partial list of podcasts on which Donovan has appeared over the last several years.

Donovan currently hosts a live weekly philosophy podcast with C.B. Robertson on YouTube titled PH2T3R : The Journal of Solar Culture

If you’d like to discuss the possibility of booking Donovan on your podcast, email contact@jack-donovan@gmail.com.

Please provide a link to the show, describe your audience, and indicate what you would like Donovan to discuss.


The Blueprint with Jason Smith | 2024. Video

The Brad Carr Podcast | 2023. Video

Renaissance of Men with Will Spencer | Warriors of the Sun. 2021. Audio.

Order of Man with Ryan Michler | Men and Gods. 2021. Audio. Video. 

Order of Man with Ryan Michler | A More Complete Beast. 2018. Audio. 

Order of Man with Ryan Michler | 4 Tactical Virtues. 2015. Audio. 

The Essential 11 with Matt Beaudreau | Definer of The Way of Men. 2020. Video. 

Breaking Beta | Fire in the Dark. 2021. Audio. Video. 

Art of Manliness | #49: The Way of Men. 2014. Audio. 

Art of Manliness | #243: Becoming a Barbarian. 2016. Audio. 

The Stoa | STCWD: Being a Man w/ Jack Donovan, Ole Bjerg, Cadell Last, and Nina Power. 2021. Video.

Oaks and Oaths | #9: A Conversation with Jack Donovan. 2021. Audio. 

Nordic Mythology Podcast | #28 The Way of Men Audio. Video. 

The (Dead Air Silencers) Speakeasy Podcast | #16 Jack Donovan. 2021. Audio.  Video. 

Barbaric Wisdom | #10 Jack Donovan Audio. Video. 

Sterling Cooper | Defining Masculinity and Building a Tribe. Video. 

Savage Gentleman Podcast | #63 Fire in the Dark. 2021.  Audio. Video. 

Savage Gentleman Podcast | #55 A More Complete Beast. 2019. Audio. Video. 

The NonProphet Podcast | #80 with Mark Twight, Michael Blevins and Josh Tyler. 2019. Audio. 

Jay Ferruggia’s Renegade Strength | #181 The Way of Men. 2017. Audio. 

Acta Non Verba | “Fire in the Dark for Modern. Masculinity. 2021. Audio. 

Brendan Carr Podcast | #54 Myth and Masculinity in the Modern World. 2021. Audio. 

John Fitch Knows Nothing | The Way of Men with Jack Donovan. 2020. Audio. 

Man Tools Podcast | #55 Stay Solar with Jack Donovan. 2020. Audio. 

Knowledge for Men | #61 Jack Donovan. 2014. Audio. 

The Answer is Yes | #114 What is Masculinity? 2021. Audio. 

The Family Alpha | #26. Jack Donovan. 2019. Audio. 

Men on the Rise | #07. The Way of Men. 2020. 

Masculine Geek | Special Guest Jack Donovan. 2020. Video. 

Spotter Up | Jack Donovan. 2020. Video. 

The Uncivilized Podcast | How the Pandemic May Change How The World Sees Masculinity. 2020. Audio. 

These are only a few of the many podcasts Donovan has appeared on over the years.