Jack Donovan doesn’t currently host a podcast, but you can find his archived Start The World podcasts here and on his YouTube channel.

Below, you’ll find a partial list of podcasts on which Donovan has appeared over the last several years.

If you’d like to discuss the possibility of booking Donovan on your podcast, send an email to contact@jack-donovan@gmail.com .

Please provide a link to the show, describe your audience, and indicate what you would like Donovan to discuss.


Recent Podcasts and Videos Featuring Jack Donovan

Renaissance of Men with Will Spencer | Warriors of the Sun. 2021. Audio.

Order of Man with Ryan Michler | Men and Gods. 2021. Audio. Video. 

Order of Man with Ryan Michler | A More Complete Beast. 2018. Audio. 

Order of Man with Ryan Michler | 4 Tactical Virtues. 2015. Audio. 

The Essential 11 with Matt Beaudreau | Definer of The Way of Men. 2020. Video. 

Breaking Beta | Fire in the Dark. 2021. Audio. Video. 

Art of Manliness | #49: The Way of Men. 2014. Audio. 

Art of Manliness | #243: Becoming a Barbarian. 2016. Audio. 

The Stoa | STCWD: Being a Man w/ Jack Donovan, Ole Bjerg, Cadell Last, and Nina Power. 2021. Video.

Oaks and Oaths | #9: A Conversation with Jack Donovan. 2021. Audio. 

Nordic Mythology Podcast | #28 The Way of Men Audio. Video. 

The (Dead Air Silencers) Speakeasy Podcast | #16 Jack Donovan. 2021. Audio.  Video. 

Barbaric Wisdom | #10 Jack Donovan Audio. Video. 

Sterling Cooper | Defining Masculinity and Building a Tribe. Video. 

Savage Gentleman Podcast | #63 Fire in the Dark. 2021.  Audio. Video. 

Savage Gentleman Podcast | #55 A More Complete Beast. 2019. Audio. Video. 

The NonProphet Podcast | #80 with Mark Twight, Michael Blevins and Josh Tyler. 2019. Audio. 

Jay Ferruggia’s Renegade Strength | #181 The Way of Men. 2017. Audio. 

Acta Non Verba | “Fire in the Dark for Modern. Masculinity. 2021. Audio. 

Brendan Carr Podcast | #54 Myth and Masculinity in the Modern World. 2021. Audio. 

John Fitch Knows Nothing | The Way of Men with Jack Donovan. 2020. Audio. 

Man Tools Podcast | #55 Stay Solar with Jack Donovan. 2020. Audio. 

Knowledge for Men | #61 Jack Donovan. 2014. Audio. 

The Answer is Yes | #114 What is Masculinity? 2021. Audio. 

The Family Alpha | #26. Jack Donovan. 2019. Audio. 

Men on the Rise | #07. The Way of Men. 2020. 

Masculine Geek | Special Guest Jack Donovan. 2020. Video. 

Spotter Up | Jack Donovan. 2020. Video. 

The Uncivilized Podcast | How the Pandemic May Change How The World Sees Masculinity. 2020. Audio. 


These are only a few of the many podcasts Donovan has appeared on over the years.