For over a decade, Jack Donovan has been exploring, articulating, and refining a timeless, cross-cultural ethos of masculinity that is rooted in our primal nature and the experiences that we share as men. 


What is masculinity?

Using ancient stories and evolutionary psychology, The Way of Men introduced the four Tactical Virtues — Strength, Courage, Mastery, and Honor — and explained their roots in the primal bands that we gathered in to survive for millennia.

This influential underground classic has been read by hundreds of thousands of men all around the world, and been published in more than five languages. Start here.


“Barbarian” was a slur that the Greeks and others used for outsiders who spoke a different language and had strange customs. “Bar…bar…bar…” 

There is an “Empire of Nothing” — a creeping global monoculture that is destroying meaningful identifies and replacing them with casual and superficial associations. We’re supposed to care about and value everyone equally, which also makes everyone equally disposable. Anyone who challenges the narrative of the empire becomes an outsider, an enemy, a “barbarian.” 


This short book picks up Friedrich Nietzsche’s thoughts on nobility and master morality and uses them to guide men through an “upside-down” modern world, avoid the trap of hateful ressentiment, and overcome adversity through creativity.

Nietzsche’s words are rasps and chisels to help men refine a strength-based ethos, reveal their highest and noblest selves and become more complete men.


Returning to the simple, primal metaphor of the campfire and the perimeter, Fire in the Dark identifies a tripartite system of masculine roles and shows how those roles have been repeated again and again throughout the history of myth and religion.

Donovan integrates these ideals into a natural spirituality for men that draws from the very oldest ideas about what it means to be a man.


Public Speeches, Podcast Appearances, Private Worshops and Consulting

Donovan has spoken at public and private events, and is a frequent guest on podcasts catering to male audiences.

Speeches and Presentations
Donovan has spoken at numerous events. Click below for videos of speeches or to reach out to discuss your event.
Podcast and Video Appearances
Donovan has appeared on countless podcasts and other broadcasts over the years. Click below for a partial list and information about booking.
Private Groups and Workshops
Occasionally Donovan speaks to small groups and is available for hosting, meet and greets, group consulting, and workshops. Click to contact.
Masculine Image, Personal Development, and Problem Solving
Donovan is available for private consulting and coaching. Serious inquiries, click below.

Ongoing and previous projects.


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With Tanner Guzy — style consultant and author of The Appearance of Power — Donovan founded an alternative online magazine for men that features book reviews, essays, and interviews with prominent and courageous men. Donovan takes many of the original portrait photographs of the men himself.


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PH2T3R is a journal and gallery intended to promote and showcase solar culture, that elaborates on the archetypes and themes presented in Fire in the Dark. Through this site, Donovan has offered art grants, producing several musical and visual works.


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Waldgang is an experimental art and ritual space Donovan owned and developed in the Pacific Northwest from 2017-2021. Click the image above to explore photos of the various structures and read more about the project. Waldgang is still in operation and rituals continue there, now under new ownership.


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