The Way of Men

“…bold and unapologetic…” – Brett McKay, Author: The Art of ManlinessManvotionals

“…a thought-provoking treatise on the essential struggle of men…” – Sam Sheridan, A Fighter’s Heart


What is masculinity? 

When someone tells a man to be a man, they mean that there is a way to be a man. A man is not just a thing to be–it is also a way to be, a path to follow and a way to walk.

People are talking about “the end of men,” “the decline of males,” and the so-called “crisis of masculinity.” There are many diagnoses for the troubles men face today, but the chattering class is short on solutions. They refuse to deal honestly with the differences between men and women, and fail to entertain the possibility that their vision of the future offers little of value to average males.

The Way of Men answers the question “What is masculinity?”

Donovan concludes that The Way of Men is the way of the primal survival gang. The simple, amoral, tactical virtues of the gang define our most basic conception of manliness. The “crisis of masculinity” is really a timeless push-and-pull between masculinity and civilization. The world has changed more than men have, and the security and luxury of modernity have put us conflict with our own natures. The path back to honor for men may lead through a new dark age.

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And Other Rites of Male Alliance

2nd Edition, Revised

Nathan F. Miller, Jack Donovan


“Fresh and truthful reflections on modern masculinity…” – Vice Magazine

Blood-brotherhoods and similar rites have been employed by men to mark friendships and alliances for thousands of years. Evidence of the practice can be found in the lore, literature and recorded history of most cultures-from Norse and Celtic mythologies to the tribes of Africa, Australia and the South Pacific, to the fiction of Jack London and Mark Twain. This survey of blood-brotherhood rites is a toolbox for the imagination, containing a wealth of research about blood-brotherhood myths and practices from a wide variety of cultures and time periods, including excerpted texts and original translations by Nathan F. Miller.

The second revised edition of Blood-Brotherhood from [DISSONANT HUM] was written for a general male audience. Blood-Brotherhood and Other Rites of Male Alliance remains the most comprehensive cross-cultural survey of blood-brotherhood myths and traditions currently available.




Kindle; ASIN: B005FLU4ZA. $5.99

Print: ISBN-13: 978-0985452322. $16.00 (2nd Edition 2012)

PrintISBN-10: 0578030705. (2009 Edition, “A Survey for Androphiles”)



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