Waldgang is an experimental ritual space for men located in the Pacific Northwest. 

Its name was inspired by the title of Ernst Junger’s 1951 book, which translates roughly to “The Forest Passage.” It was conceived initially as a tribal space — an escape for spiritual “outlaws” — but its purpose has transcended mere opposition. 

A forest passage followed a banishment; through this action a man declared his will to self-affirmation from his own resources.

Ernst Jünger. The Forest Passage.

Waldgang has revealed itself to be a liminal space — a “threshold space.” A place out of time and between worlds. A mythic space rendered sacred by an accumulation of experiences and the residue of powerful intent. Waldgang is not a “retreat” but a passageway, a place to initiate personal transformation in the presence of the gods.

The world of myth is always present in us. Waldgang is a place to reconnect with it.


Photo by Kickass Designs