Shoulder Day

Jack Donovan shoulder workout

See the end of this post for sets and reps.

Guys have been asking me for my shoulder workout for a long time, but I’m not a trainer. So I teamed up with my friend and pro Trainer Ethan Buck to put together a shoulder workout similar to what I would do. We ran through a handful of exercises and variations, and this video is packed with tips and helpful information.

Ethan spent years touring with a punk rock band, and then after living the rock and roll lifestyle across Europe and the US, realized he needed to get in shape. He lost a ton of weight, became a trainer and after training clients in a gym for a few years, he went out on his own. His take on things is realistic and anti-fad and he has a wealth of knowledge and I often hit him up for advice.

To find out more about Ethan:

Instagram @iron_will_pt

Mentioned: Elbow sleeves and wrist wraps from Norse Fitness

Filmed at O’Malley’s in Troutdale (Portland metro)


Here’s a sample workout of mine that I sent Ethan to plan this video.

1ST EXERCISE – Overhead Press

I vary this throughout the year. If I am cutting and not worried about how much I am putting up, I will do 4×8 Seated OHP on a Smith Press 1st. Otherwise, I usually do an OHP pyramid.

Bar x8

  • 95 x8
  • 135 x 8
  • 185 x 5
  • 205 x 3

(If I am trying to go higher, I will do 185×3, 205×1-3, then 1 or2 at a higher weight)

2ND EXERCISE – Seated DP Shoulder Press (to the side) 4×8

3RD EXERCISE Lateral Raises, seated or standing 4×8-12 (depending on weight and form)

4TH EXERCISE (REAR DELT) Cable-adapted sled pull (from a low angle) 4×8

5TH EXERCISE Cable Face Pulls 4×8

6TH EXERCISE Rear Delt Fly (machine) 4×8

7TH EXERCISE Trap Bar Shrug with 5 second hold on reps 4×8

(I normally do about 5 out of 7 of these.)

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