Bad Little Kids

The notion that we are all bad little children who have to earn our way back into the yard betrays a desire to see the state as a benevolent parent — and not a collection of fallible, corruptible humans…the majority of whom are very likely narcissists and sociopaths.  Spoiled, entitled, and tolerated, the same people who have been shouting “resist,”  now run to hide behind the state mother’s skirts when things get serious and scream “obey.” Their micro-aggressions no longer matter when death hangs in the air.  This is the character of the perpetual adolescent, who seeks in the state allowance and privilege. 

The recent troubles have seen a rustling beneath the skirts and a complete return to the womb, where, comforted by snacks and reruns and doomed yoga routines, they wait for permission to be reborn. 

The adult sovereign stance is to recognize the state as a necessary evil, that should never be trusted to run unchecked or unquestioned. The state is basically an outsourcing operation that we pay to take care of certain things so that we don’t have to. It is the greatest mob — a big protection racket. And like the mob, it’s a little sleazy and it will probably double cross you. 

The current system is far from perfect. Kings can be problematic, but in this situation, a king would have been better. Kings have to think about legacy and the long game. Politicians are like corporate managers. They’re focused on the end of the quarter and their upcoming reviews. The game being played right now is about who gets blamed in November, and for what. A million dead seniors and people who were already sick, or skyrocketing unemployment, the destruction of the middle class, poverty, and crime, and a major threat to the long-term health of the nation. I know what choice a good king would have made. 

That is what is happening right now. Fallible, corruptible humans trying to avoid taking responsibility for a difficult situation that they (probably) didn’t create, but having to manage a lot of difficult decisions that have cost lives, closed businesses, and either destroyed or set back the futures of millions. They’ll all try to blame it on their opponents, and most of the decisions being made right now are about who can manipulate the situation to look like more of a hero and less of a villain in November. 

Anyone who thinks these people — ANY of them, in ANY party — are looking out for what is “best for us” is truly a baby.


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